eHarmony login- Dating Site | Online Dating |

eHarmony login- Dating Site | Online Dating |

Looking for an online dating site with so much intrigue? eHarmony is your sure bet. eHarmony is a leading online dating platform that matches single women and men; mostly those that are looking for soul mates. Are you looking for a long-term relationship from a reliable network? Then eHarmony is here for you.  eHarmony is presently available in over 150 countries and has over 7 million active users after its launch in 2000.

eHarmony Login | Connect using Facebook

There is nothing as simple as logging into your eHarmony account. To get that done,

  • Visit page (you can use the link)
  • On the login box, enter your email and password and click the login button to continue.

That will lead you to your eHarmony account without strain.

Another good thing is the using of security by login in using your Facebook account. So you can use this facebook account even when you don’t have an account before now. Facebook comes with a better-protected logging dashboard.

Forgot eHarmony Password

You will not be able to access your account without a correct password. You can retrieve using this guide;

Visit the login page and click the “Forgot Password” button. Then enter your email address and passcode.

You will then receive an email in your inbox with a temporary password from where you can change them to what you can remember.

eHarmony Registration

To register on this platform,

  • users will need to visit the homepage at Next is to click the signup button
  • Enter all the details required; name, gender, email, postcode, password and more.
  • You will now be required to complete your profile by answering the questions in the list which enhances the match-up.
  • Users can choose to enter their phone numbers (For those that need “Secure Call”. It is an anonymous mobile service between matches
  • Next, enter your password recovery process and upload your correct photo

This is all it takes for you to sign up eHarmony. You can now complete your eHarmony login anytime and any way.

History of eHarmony

eHarmony was a brainchild of Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch.  Neil has over the year’s authored lots of books and is a renowned psychologist. Greg, on the other hand, is Neil’s son-in-law. With the long years in clinical psychology and relationship book writing as well as marriage counseling, Neil was able to birth eHarmony out of the wealth of experience gathered.

These whole loads of experience help Neil do match making of singles upon when eHarmony theory is based. The methodology today has helped so many singles out there meet their soul mates.

How eHarmony works

If you are looking for a potential date or partner, you will be subjected to do a questionnaire where you will need to give detail answers. This questionnaire covers skill, belief, emotional health, values, and physical features. With the answers provided, you will be matched with a potential date or soul mate one the service as well. Young and matured people gather here to get the best of eHarmony.

The eHarmony algorithm also studies your time stent on eHarmony as a basis for your behavior.

Not minding the matching technology built in eHarmony, you will still have to access your recommended spouse before matching. With the recent version of eHarmony potential, users now have expanded the potential of up to 90% more connection with a single.

When the user takes the online given questionnaire, eHarmony uses these answers to build their basic profile within a minute of completion of the questionnaire.

How to Deactivate eHarmony Account

So many chooses to leave eHarmony for several reasons. You might want to leave the network after finding the long-awaited soul mate. Reasons differ while people choose to leave eHarmony, but whatsoever it may be that prompts you to leave the service, the guide will help you deactivate your eHarmony account.

To Deactivate, you will need to

  • Sign in to your eHarmony account online
  • Select profile at the top part of the web screen.
  • Then click on the account button
  • Select bill option
  • Look out for the “Close Account” button and click on the it
  • Select “Yes” to complete the closing of your account
  • Login into the email you used in setting up the account and confirm your closure of the account.

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