How To Use Pinterest For Marketing – Pinterest for Business Tips

Pinterest is formerly known as a platform where you can only get ideas on food recipes and plan your wedding. However, Pinterest has become a hot ticket for every business marketer. Most brands want to be on Pinterest because of the good marketing features that Pinterest business account offers to users. If you don’t have any plan to market your business on Pinterest?

How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

It is time to consider marketing your business on Pinterest. In this article, I have provided some tips on how to use Pinterest for marketing. I hope they will be of great help to you when planning your next Pinterest marketing campaign.

Benefits of Marketing Your Business On Pinterest

Let see why a business needs to market on Pinterest. Below are some benefits

  • People use Pinterest for a specific purpose, unlike the way they use other social networks. Pinterest is a social media platform where people find inspiration and ideas about a new product to buy. Recent reports show that women now buy home appliances got to know about the product through Pinterest.
  • Pinterest has educational marketing materials for their business account. Pinterest not only offers you a platform to advertise your business but also offers you some tutorial materials that will teach you how to effectively engage with your customers, increase product recall and how to pin your product.
  • You stand the chance to use your business name as what will be on display to other users. Also, you can as well use your business logo as the profile photo. This will help increase your brand awareness online.
  • The demography of Pinterest: if your target audience is majorly females, it’s advisable you use more of Pinterest. A recent study shows that 70% of Pinterest users are female with the age of 18 to 34. Therefore if your target audience is within this age, Pinterest may be the channel for you.
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How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

Terminology in Pinterest

I think it’s important we take a look at some of the terms in Pinterest. Since Pinterest is different from other social networks, you may not be familiar with some of these terms.  I have provided the meaning of some of these terms for you to easily understand what I mean when I mention them in the cause of my explanation.


A pin is used to represent any image or video that is saved on Pinterest. For business what is more important is the link that is attached to the image. Every pin links back to the business website.


Pinterest users always add pins steadily. Therefore, in other to keep things organized the pins are saved to a collection called boards. For example, Logingit Pinterest account includes social media, how to, tech.



This is a collection of links and content from boards and other users that have been followed.

Group Boards

This is similar to the normal board except that here we have many users sharing content within aboard.


Just like other social networks where you share other people’s content. When you repin other people’s content this means you like the content and decided to share it with your own followers.

How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

Before considering market your product on Pinterest you will need to have a Pinterest business account. You can read my article on the Pinterest business account to learn more. Here I will list out some tips and tactics on how to use Pinterest for marketing. Your pins can get the best-required engagement with customers, if only you do the right things at the right time.

  • Pin consistently: Pinterest requires that you pin always in other to get your customers engaged any time they visit your page. At least pins two or three times a day. Especially during evening time and on weekends. This time is seen as the peak time when your target audiences are active online.
  • Add save buttons to your web site: adding a save button on your website makes it easy for visitors to directly check out your Pinterest account or pin your site content to their own account. In other words. For you to get your audience to take action, you have to make it easy and simple for them to directly visit your Pinterest page. You add a hovering pin it button to any image on your site or if you are using WordPress, it has a Pinterest pin it hovers button plugin.
  • Promote your Pinterest business account by linking it to other social media platforms. You actually don’t need to start a search for new followers on Pinterest. You can simply, link to your Twitter and Facebook account. This will help you get more followers by adding to the ones you already have. To link your Pinterest account to other social media platforms go to your account settings. Then to the social network section. Click on “Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts”.
  • Follow and engage with other popular boards that share similar interests. By following popular brands on Pinterest you have the opportunity to learn from them. If you follow and engage with these popular brands, people will get see your brand name whenever you like or comment on their pins.
  • Engage with followers: remember that Pinterest is a social platform that you have to interact with other users. Don’t just post and leave. Get to like, comment and reply comment from your followers. Also, like, comment on the pins of your followers.
  • Use a call to pin: always encourage followers to repin your content. This will help to increase the engagement of your pin.
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How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

In this article, I have provided some tips on how to use Pinterest for marketing. I hope they will be of great help to you when planning your next Pinterest

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