An Instagram shoutout is a public endorsement from another Instagram user. A user or two users can agree to give each other a shoutout by posting a photo or video of the other’s account and then instructing their followers to follow the said account.

This is a very effective way to build followers on Instagram. It is one of the ways top Instagram users attract thousands of followers.

With someone willing to give you a shoutout, it is not impossible to get a notable Instagram account and expanding your reach in a few weeks or months. This however requires good networking and a willingness to feature another user’s content on your account as part of the shoutout agreement.

Instagram Shoutout

The following tips will help in guiding you to getting a great Instagram shoutout :

1) Finding Instagram users with content similar to yours:

It is best to find users who share similar content on Instagram to give or to give you a shoutout.

If your post or your content is mainly clothing and you are. Targeting a user who is mainly into cosmetics and. Who posts things on cosmetics, you will probably not get many followers out of it because. That user’s followers want to see cosmetics and not clothes.

2) Find Instagram users who have a similar number of followers as you:

Most of the time, users will only agree to a shoutout if you have a similar number of followers as them.

Some users include short blurbs in their Instagram bios. Informing followers about their willingness to do a shoutout. But this mostly works when the difference in the number of followers between both parties is not very much.

It is a lot easier to get fellow users to do shoutouts. With you once you have at least a thousand followers.

3) Like, comment, and/or follow users profile before asking for a shoutout :

Social media is all about engagement. The simplest way to network online is to interact with other users.  Especially the ones you share common interests with.

Engaging with users you intend to ask for a shoutout makes it a. Lot easier for them to agree to it. Following and giving their shared content attention like commenting and liking their posts. Shows you are interested in their content and also indicates that you are serious.

A little social media interaction can go a long way.

4) Avoid Spamming Instagram users with comments on their posts :

Some users end up spamming accounts. This is because in their eagerness to get a shoutout. They do not even look at the full profile or totally consider the other users’ content and they do not even engage.

Always find users with similar content and followers and start by interacting or engaging with them.

5) Contact Instagram users through Email or Instagram Direct:

After finding users who share similar interests, post similar content. And have around the same amount of followers as you. And has been positively engaging them and not choking. Them up or spamming them, you can now directly contact them, asking if they would be interested in a shoutout.

This can be done via email or Direct message.

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