HOW TO MUTE SOMEONE ON INSTAGRAM – better option than blocking

Muting someone on Instagram is mostly considered a better option than blocking them. When you do not want to see the Instagram stories or posts from a particular user that you follow, you can easily mute them. This will be carried out without them knowing. It is considered more subtle and a temporary solution to blocking or unfollowing someone on Instagram. When you mute a user, you are. Still connected to them, you still follow them but you can no longer. View their content in your home feed. Blocking a user makes it. Almost impossible for such from being able to reach you.HOW TO MUTE SOMEONE ON INSTAGRAM - better option than blocking

By muting users, you can:

  1. Feel less overwhelmed by all the content you have to look at if you follow a large number of users
  2. Stop seeing someone’s post or stories without disconnecting from them and risking the chance of them noticing you have unfollowed them
  3. Temporarily stop seeing posts or stories about an ongoing event until it is over
  4. Prioritize content from users you actually want to see
  5. Choose to mute someone first and then decide later if you want to permanently unfollow them
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Instagram allows you to mute both a user’s post and stories separately and also mute both at the same time if so desired.


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On Instagram, it’s a similar deal. Tap the three dots at the top right of someone’sprofile and that’ll bring up the block option.

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Stories appear at the top of your feed in a horizontal line as profile bubbles. To stop a particular user’s story entails:

  1. Move to your feed by tapping the home icon in the bottom menu. Locate the story of the user you want to mute in your stories feed
  2. Secondly, tap and hold the user’s profile bubble
  3. Thirdly, tap Mute
  4. Tap Mute Story; To mute both stories and posts, tap Mute Story and Posts
  5. Lastly, the user’s profile bubble will turn slightly transparent and will be sent to the end of your stories feed.

To view muted user’s stories

go to the end of your stories and tap their transparent profile bubble or directly visit their profile and tap profile picture. Muting only prevents them from showing up in your stories feed.

Instagram is a social media that makes it pretty easy and fun for persons to follow hundreds or even thousands of users. This however can make it quite difficult for an individual to find the stories that he really wants to view or follow or that is worth watching. Thus Instagram allows you to mute the stories of persons that you are not interested in, so that they do not keep showing up in your stories feed.

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One can also hide his or her stories from any user when on their profile by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of their profile and then selecting the Hide Your Story option from the menu that pops up from the bottom.

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