Android vs iPhone – Which Mobile OS is Best for you

When it comes to purchasing a smartphone, some people get confused about which to buy. Considering whether to buy Android vs iPhones is always a problem. IOS and Andriod are the most common mobile OS. In this post, I have outlined the pros and cons of both OS. This article will help you decide whether to choose an android phone or an iPhone. Will shall look into some of their features, software, and hardware.Android vs iPhone - Which Mobile OS is Best for you


Android vs iPhone


Before, we go into details let’s see the meaning of each term. Android and IOS are mobile operating systems. a mobile operating system is a mobile technology used primarily in smartphones, tablets, etc.



Android is a very popular smartphone and is used by many phone manufacturers and it is a free source software. IOS is only used by the iPhone, iPad, etc.

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Android vs iPhones: Prons and Cons

Android: Pro

  • It is open-source and easily customized.
  • You can expand your memory on any device through the use of a microSD card.
  • You have wider options to choose from. In order words, it is the most popular OS and many phone companies have incorporated it into their phone manufacturing.


  • There is a higher chance of getting contact with malware. Since, it accepts third-party software,
  • The interface of Android is not the same on all phones. For instance, Samsung phones to have a different interface from Hawaii phones but they are all the same android

IOS: Pros

  • Apple has control of all hardware and software.
  • There is a lower risk of getting malware since it does not accept third-party software.
  • Apple has general good customer support. The company has dedicated apps and sites just for solving customers’ problems and issues.


  • It does not accept an expandable storage device.
  • Limited customization.

Android vs iPhones: Comparison

The comparison of both operating systems will see their basic features based on hardware, software, and flexibility of use, etc.

  • The true fact is that when considering buying iPhones, it’s easy to make a choice because there are just a few of them. Apple tends to sell only three or four models with different screen sizes. On the other hand, Android phones are so many that it’s almost difficult to make one’s choice. There are so many brand names with a different price range
  • In the area of sharp cameras and higher resolutions iPhones are known for that. But they are some android that has better cameras than the iPhone, while some have high resolution. However, iPhones are known to have a higher resolution and a sharper camera.
  • Apple charges a lot of money for their version of phones that have high storage capacity. But you will pay less for the android phone that offers the same storage capacity. You may also wish to extend your storage by adding a microSD.
  • With Android, you have much control over your home screen. You can make it look like that of an iPhone. You can also add some pictures to display on your home screen. In contrast, the iPhone does not give users the opportunity to customize the home screen. Android comes with a bigger screen, a long-lasting battery, and a physical keyboard.
  • When considering Android vs IOS, you must put into consideration what you can achieve with the different OS. With your Android phone, you can install an app from an unknown source. But on the iPhone, you are only limited to what is available on the Apple store.
  • Also, you can connect an android phone to a computer, you can view, copy and delete files just as you can do with a USB drive or hard drive. This makes it much easy for you to transfer images, videos, and music between your device. In contrast, iPhone users can only get music, videos, and photo from iTunes or other specialist software.
  • If you are searching for phones that have a fast update, iPhones are better. Iphones are known to support longer updates in contrast to androids that you always update to the latest android version.
  • Durability: iPhones can last longer than androids. One of the unique selling points of apple is that its products are known to be durable. I am not saying that android phones don’t last but from the views of users iPhones last longer and also have more resale value than Android.
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Android vs iPhones which mobile OS is best for you.

I can say which is best for you because it’s dependent on your priority, needs, and budget.

If you are looking for phones of low budget you should consider android.

If you are looking for a phone that shows affluent, then u should consider going for iPhones. iPhone comes with many good gadgets like the apple watch.

Android vs Iphones

pros and cons of both OS. This article will help you decide whether to choose an android phone or an iPhone. Will shall look into some of their features,

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