Instagram Ads Guide (How To Advertise On Instagram)

When it comes to social media ads, Instagram ads stand as one of the best. Most importantly, Instagram has developed to be one of the best advertising platforms among all other social networks. Recent research shows that Instagram has active users of about 800 million monthly.Instagram Ads Guide (How To Advertise On Instagram)

This Instagram ads guide will show you how you can create a strong Instagram page and constantly engage followers through sharing stunning photos and high-quality videos. Above all, brands can create opportunities by reaching their target audience through this massive platform.

With well-designed ads on Instagram, companies can reach their target audience in a less cost-effective way. If you don’t know how to use Instagram ad, this article on Instagram ads guide will be of great help. Do well to read till the end to get the full knowledge.


Why You Need To Advertise On Instagram

  • When you use Instagram ads you can get an instant result for your advertising expense. That is to say, you get to see the number of people that viewed your advert.
  • The builders of Instagram keep bringing new innovations that will keep the platform alive and growing.
  • Since Facebook has acquired Instagram you can reach both audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Every of your Instagram post appears on your Facebook timeline. Therefore, you are reaching both people on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. 
  • Furthermore, anybody can engage in Instagram ads: to advertise on Instagram is not a difficult task and does not require any special training. You just need to know the basic right things to do and your campaign will be a success.
  • Instagram ads display like the normal shared post. It’s not like other social media platforms where users can decide not to view the ads.
  • On the other hand, you can reach millions of audiences with one single Instagram post. Advertising on Instagram will give the opportunity to use the large platform to reach your target audience
  • Finally, it cost-effective to use Instagram ads. Instagram ads are very cheap to run. It offers the benefit of choosing how much you wish to spend on an advert.Instagram Ads Guide
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Types of Instagram ads

In this Instagram ads guide, we will see the  basic five ads that Instagram offers and they are as follows:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Slide ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Story ads
  1. Photo Ads:

In photo ads, brands can reach their target through stunning and compelling images of their product or service. Many companies have been able to reach their audience through this marketing strategy.

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How to create photo ads

  • Log in to your Instagram page
  • After you log in, select your image by browsing through your image library.
  • Add a caption for the ad in the text box provided. The caption must not exceed 300 words. You can also add your company web address in the URL text filed. It’s advisable to add your company’s web address to the caption, this will help to direct customers to your site.
  1. Video Ads

Furthermore, video ads allow companies to create captivating short video clips demonstrating the company’s product and service. It’s obvious that Instagram users love the video. Video ads give brands a better opportunity to reach their target audience better than photo ads.

How to create video ads

  • Select a single video format filed
  • Choose video thumbnail to create your video or your upload already designed clip
  • Include caption in your video in the text box.
  1. Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads are just like the video, but in the slideshow, the clips are static images moving in a loop

How to create a slideshow ad.

Choose your design slideshow from the library or you create a new slide by using the slideshow creator.

Arrange your pictures and adjust the settings then add music to the background.

Select a thumbnail

Write down the caption for the video

  1. Carousel ads

In addition. carousel offers brands the avenue to tell a long story about their products and services. Furthermore, carousel ads allow users to swipe through images and videos with a URL linking to your site.

  1. Instagram story ads

finally, Instagram stories ads are videos that appear to users between stories that they are actively viewing from their followers. Instagram stories are one of the best ways to reach your target audience because most Instagram users view stories everyday moment and it gives the opportunity to choose the reach and objective of the advert placement.

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with features like face filters, video effects and text brands can reach their target audience in a more creative way using Instagram stories. Instagram ads stories are meant to last for only 24 hours it ’s the best way to share the best limited-time offers.  They are two different formats for Instagram stories ads the single image and the single video.

Single Image

Above all to create single Instagram ads is very easy all you to do is upload your images. U can make up to six ads with each of the images. It also gives you the opportunity to add sponsored text.

Single video

With a single video format, you can upload a video that lasts up to 15 seconds. Simply select your video clip to be used and select a thumbnail. The thumbnail is the image that people will see before the video will play.

In conclusion, this Instagram ads guide has been able to list out the reason why you should advertise o Instagram and also the ways in which you can go about this.

Instagram Ads Guide

This Instagram ads guide will show you how you can create a strong Instagram page and constantly engage followers through sharing stunning photos and high…

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