Instagram Reels are 15-second videos that can be posted to your Instagram stories. Reels are basically meant for entertainment purposes, with the ability to add background music.



The following instructions apply for the creation of reel videos. The steps are the same for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Firstly, Tap the camera icon in the top left on the Instagram feed
  2. Secondly, scroll left so that the horizontal scrolling menu at the bottom is set to rules. It is normally set to story by default
  3. Lastly, Choose either to film a reel in the app or upload it from your device


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To fill in the app:

Start a recording by tapping the action button. The second tap stops the recording. You can also tap and hold to record and lift your finger when you intend to stop recording.

To upload a video:

  1. Firstly, Tap the media icon in the bottom left to select a video from your device.

2. Slide the video viewer along the timeline to get the clip you want.

3. Confirm by selecting the checkmark button.

  1. Enhance the video by using the tools that appear on the left side of the screen. The tools include Music, Speed, Effects, Align, and Timer.
  2. Use the left and right arrows on either side of the record button to go back and forth between the clips. To delete a clip, tap the trash icon. To view the preview of your reel, tap the right arrow button multiple times until you get to the end of the clips.
  3. You can add extra effects by tapping the stickers button, the draw button or text button in the top right corner.
  4. Type a caption in the caption field and tap share to post it to your posts.
  5. Finally, Tap the Stories tab at the top to post it to your Stories or tap Save as Draft if you are not ready to post yet. Your saved drafts can be accessed by tapping the drafts icon in the bottom left corner of the mail reels tab.
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  1. Tap the message icon in the button left corner to share a real with your followers on Instagram
  2. Select from a list of your followers to send or share your reels with or select Add video to your story to post it to your stories.
  3. To share a reel with anyone on the web, tap the three dots in the bottom left, then tap copy link and paste it anywhere on the web.


  1. Tap on the profile pictures of people in their stories feeds or their profile to watch their Instagram reels. People typically post their reels to their stories.
  2. To view other user’s reels tab, go to their profile and tap the Reels icon at the top of their feed. This displays a feed of reels. Tap anyone to view it.
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