What is Microsoft Azure, What Is Microsoft Azure Used For?

What is Microsoft Azure

Have you been current with Microsoft News, and then you must have heard about Microsoft Azure. For those asking the question what’s Microsoft Azure? However, it is otherwise known as Windows Azure. It is actually a cloud computing service that bears the same burden with Microsoft’s business. It is also competing with similar services from Amazon and Google.What is Microsoft Azure

The force that has made Azure transpired in the current late news is all because of Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws. These two have bigger consequences for cloud computing services like Azure than they do for normal PCs. I must have taken your mind away from my key point, but that is by the way.

 What Is Azure,


Trying to comprehend what Azure is all about, what comes to mind should be “Cloud Computing Explained”? What do I mean? This is often time used by customer services that store your data on a remote server somewhere.

But this is not exactly what this means. What this means is actually a computing service for companies, organizations and even as low as individuals who want to take advantage of the platform.

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This system is quite different because it will not cost the stress to run your own hardware and still pay for use of specific hardware in someone’s data center, but all you have to do is to pay for access to a massive pool of computing resources provided by Microsoft.

By so doing, it helps you to host web servers, email servers, databases, file storage servers, virtual machines, user’s directories, and many more. This is an ideal idea while you talk about computing resources.

You don’t need to get yourself physical hardware because the cloud service shares the hardware and automatically assigns the work as much as necessary. All you do here is to pay as many computing resources as you want not a specific number of hardware servers on a rack somewhere.

What I can do with Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure website provides a directory of hundreds of different services that you can choose and will want to use. This includes full virtual machines, databases, file storage, backups and services for mobile and web apps.  At first, this service was originally named “Windows Azure”, but over time has been transitioned to “Microsoft Azure” because of its capacity to handle more than just windows. It has the capacity to run Linux virtual machines.

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 Can anyone use Azure?

This is a good question. Yes! Anyone can use Microsoft Azure as long as you can get connected to the website. Once you head to the Azure website, you can actually sign up for a new account. Each of the accounts you sign up to come with $200 in credit which you can use within the first 30 days so that you will be able to see how Azure works for you.

Most importantly, all of this is really useful to people and organizations who want to host services or develop applications.

We recommend developers who create and host your applications to use Azure instead of a window user or a user of any platform.  As a Windows user, you can actually join Azure via Microsoft’s office 365 services.


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