Best Homeowners Insurance Companies – Quotes For Homeowners Insurance

The best of homeowners’ insurance companies of 2020 is to help protect your investment and to ensure that your finances are not ruined in the event where something happens to your property.Best Homeowners Insurance Companies - Quotes For Homeowners Insurance

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

Amica Mutual – For Best Overall Value

Amica Mutual shines at the no 1 spot as the best homeowners insurance because of its performance. This company has received high marks in all categories covered, including customer satisfaction, policy offerings, price, billing process and policy information, interaction as well as claims.

Best Homeowners Insurance

This company’s insurance policy can be tailored to meet your needs. It provides discounts for customers who bundle other policies like auto insurance.

What’s Good?

  • Rapid claims process
  • Comparatively low rates
  • Effective customer service and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

What’s Not Good?

Offer fewer discounts as compared to other providers.


Multi-line Discount: A discount offered as a bundled savings option to customers who already hold an Amica Insurance policy.

New/Remodeled Home Credit: This discount can be gotten when you insure a remodeled home.

Claim-free: Discount for customers who have not had to file a claim in the past three years.


Catastrophic coverages for protection (excluding a deductible) which takes into account floods or earthquakes.

Spotting fraud expense coverage for protection against unauthorized use of your credit cards up to the coverage limit.

Loss assessment plan for Condo owners who are accountable for shared sections of a property.

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Discover the best home insurance companies for you based on discounts, customer complaints, coverage and other factors.

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Top homeowners insurance companies in 2022; USAA: Best overall ; State Farm: Best overall; Erie: Best for robust coverage ; NJM: Best for unique discounts …

Erie Insurance  – Best For Price

Erie Insurance offers a 24/7 customer service and prompt claims help, along with guaranteed replacement cost of your home in the event you file a claim. At Erie, customers are allowed to make their choice when putting together their policies to fit their needs. Added to the basic homeowner’s insurance, customers can add extra coverage for earthquakes, flooding, water backup, and sump pump overflow and jewelry and high-end valuables.

What’s Good?

  • It is the best homeowner’s insurance for the price.
  • Customers can add extra coverage for earthquakes, flooding, water backup, and sump pump overflow and jewelry and high-end valuables.


Allstate is a national insurance firm that sells personalized coverage for home, autos, rental properties as well as recreational vehicles. At Allstate, homeowners can choose from their selections to create policies that meet their unique needs, including the ability to add extra coverage for floods and identity theft restoration.

At Allstate, there are optional claims features, which when added to a policy, offers special savings for customers who have not filed a claim, $100 per year you stay claim free, up to $500.

The Claim-free Bonus feature offers back 5% on your renewal for every year you go without filing a claim. With the Claim Rateguard®, your premium does not go up if you do file a claim. There’s also a robust online platform and tools that can help you file claims and pay premiums online.

What’s Good?

  • Offers numerous discounts
  • Customizable coverage
  • Online educational tools
  • Ideal for first-time buyers.
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What’s not so Good?

Average customer satisfaction.


There are welcome and loyalty discounts that offer customers 10% off their premiums for switching their coverage to Allstate and another 10% off for signing up at least seven days before their old policy ends.

Users can save up to 20% when they switch to Allstate without a recent claim with the Claim-free discount.

The 55 and retired discount, offers captivating discounts to users who are retired and over the age of 55.


Allstate offers coverage offerings like dwelling coverage, liability protection, personal property coverage, and guest medical coverage. It also offers the following unique coverage like;

Personal umbrella policies for protection against large liability claims as you hit the liability limit on your policy.

Manufactured mobile home coverage covering for mobile homes and manufactured dwellings.

Offers coverage for host advantage on your belongings when you are home-sharing.

Farmers Insurance  –  Best For Simple Policies

Farmers Insurance has three tiers of coverage for consumers who purchase their homeowner’s insurance policies. They are standard, enhanced and premier.

The standard policy is aimed at families who are just starting out, enhanced policies include higher coverage limits and extra features and the premier policies include the highest limits on coverage and personal property and can even include guaranteed replacement cost coverage for your house if you meet certain requirements.

What’s Good?

  • There are extensive coverage options
  • State-by-state policy customization so your plan captures your risks.
  • Offers three-tier policy customization depending on your desired coverage level.

What’s Not Good?

Average customer service.


Declining deductibles discounts that award customers with $50 towards their deductibles for each year that their policy remains active.

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Claim-free discount which rewards customers without a history of making claims

Claims forgiveness which prevents your premium from increasing because of your next claim if you have been claims-free for five straight years.


Eco-rebuild, which offers Farmers customers up to $25,000 as you replace materials and appliances with “green” substitutes.

The contents replacement cost offers customers reimbursements for the cost of replacing a damaged item with a brand new replacement, other than offering a payout for the worth of the depreciated good.

Identity shield enables customers to resolve identity theft-related crimes suffered and replace certain documents while also assisting with losses and expenses linked with the crime.

Make the best choice

Here are some personalized factors you can consider when evaluating which home insurance company suits you best.


This is the cost you will have to pay before your policy becomes active.

Supplemental coverage options

It is actually safe to add on certain supplemental coverage options to ensure that you are protected from risks most likely to affect you.


Look for providers who offer extensive discounts that can help you save on your monthly premiums.

Customer service and claims

View their customer ratings and customer service track record before you decide to retain their services.

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