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There is no place like home. Home is the biggest investment one can make. Having a home without security is like living in a house without doors; your security is not guaranteed. This article will help you find the best home insurance quotes policy that matches your current needs.Home Insurance Quotes

Area Covered By Home Insurance Quotes

Be rest assured that for any Home insurance you go for, you will be having the following coverage;

  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Other Structures Coverage
  • Los Of Use Coverage
  • Liability Insurance as well as
  • Additional Home Coverage

What this Insurance doesn’t cover

Those using subscribing for this insurance quote should know that floods and earthquakes are always not included, mostly critical flood.

Note: But you can choose to add up supplemental insurance that covers these risks.

Compare Home Insurance QuotesÂ

Comparison shopping is one of the ways of ensuring you get the best home insurance quotes, thus finding the best websites where you can get these quotes is very essential. This is because, the rates you find may not be dependent on the same coverage levels, making one policy appear more or less expensive than it truly is.

Insurance comparison sites play a key role in your search for affordable home insurance quotes. On these sites, you can instantly compare rates from multiple insurance providers, and the best ones are known to offer accurate and personalized rates, insurance discounts, as well as coverage options all on the site.

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Types of insurance comparison website

There are quote comparison sites and lead generation sites.

Home quote comparison

Home quote comparison websites offer users with rates depending on the details submitted during the shopping experience. It leaves you with the option of deciding which quote to pursue and transfers the data you submitted to the agent or company website, greatly expediting the purchasing process. Note that these sites do not sell your information to insurance companies or agencies.

Lead generation sites

Lead generation sites, on the other hand, sell your information to their advertising partners – typically insurance companies. These sites are not wired to offer you personalized quotes and may not come in handy when you are trying to compare home insurance quotes.

The insurance comparison websites are further divided into sites that offer real-time insurance quotes and those that offer estimated quotes.

Sites that offer real-time insurance quotes offer you more reliable quotes. But those offering estimated quotes may have you discover at the end of the day that your real rate will be entirely different.

Home Insurance Comparison Sites with Real Quotes


This homeowner’s insurance quote website generates real-time quotes from multiple insurance providers. Policygenius also offers rates for life, health, and disability insurance, etc., as well as blogs with information on these various types of insurance. On this site, there is also an Insurance Checkup tool that asks basic questions as well as recommend what kinds of insurance users are to purchase.

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How it Works

Policygenius will prompt you for your address and contact details and if your house is a single-family home. The site may also prompt you for your phone number.


TheInsurifyhomeinsurance website is a free insurance comparison engine aimed at providing real-time, accurate quotes from top insurance companies nationwide. It offers a wide range of insurance companies to choose from. It has an easy-to-use interface and is capable of effectively serving consumers in all segments of the market. Currently, the site has delivered over 4 million insurance quotes from top providers like The General, MetLife, and Liberty Mutual.

How it Works

The site prompts shoppers for answers to a series of questions, which it uses to produce real-time, accurate quotes. Simple questions like home address, age, value, name, email address, and credit score are asked. Shoppers are then offered three packages which are; a basic policy, standard policy, or premium policy. The difference between the three includes extended replacement cost coverage (25% vs. 50%), personal liability coverage, and medical payments.

Lead Generation Sites

The Simple Dollar

This is a personal finance site that offers insurance information amongst other contents.

How it Works

Here, the homeowner’s insurance quoting tool is structured into the middle of a page and offers advice on how to select an insurance policy. You may only be prompted for your Zip code.

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CoverHoundoffers quotes for both business and personal insurance and also runs a learning center with articles on Insurance-related subjects.

How it Works

The site asks shoppers quite a few questions about your home and contact information.


Insure.com stands as a free, online insurance quote comparison tool that has quotes for life, auto, health, as well as homeowners insurance. It also has financial strength ratings for insurance companies, insurance glossaries as well as informative articles.

How it Works

This lead generation site prompts shoppers for the home they owned, the home age as well as the location. You will also be quizzed for your contact information. It then informs the shoppers that they may be contacted by up to five home insurance companies, agents, or robocalls for marketing purposes.

On the whole, it may ideal to use the sites that offer real-time, accurate homeowners insurance quotes to save yourself hundreds of dollars a year in insurance cost.

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