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Florida Homeowners Insurance is designed to provide coverage for damage to the structure of your home should a covered loss arise. It is coverage offered at Replacement Cost.

The insurance coverage offers helpful information for each type of coverage to give you a better understanding of the flexible options that it offers its customers.Florida Homeowners Insurance

Optional Florida Homeowners Insurance Coverage

As you get your quotes, it is advised you check to see if any of these coverages are included or excluded in the Florida home insurance quotes you receive from your agent to ensure you are conducting an accurate comparison. If you carefully review coverage, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions as well as discover the coverage options that are better for you.

The following optional coverage is offered by Florida Homeowners Insurance policy, which can be added to the insurance policy.

  • Personal Injury
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Water Backup and Sump Overflow.
  • Flood & Water Backup Coverage
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Dog Liability
  • Increased Special Limits Coverage
  • Screened Enclosure/Carport Coverage
  • Golf Cart Physical Damage and Liability
  • Increased Replacement Cost on Dwelling

Benefits of getting Florida Homeowners Insurance

Even though getting home insurance is optional, it is very important if you intend to keep your belongings safe in the event where your home suffers damage from common incidents.

It safeguards your dwelling, attached buildings, as well as personal property from a variety of misfortunes, like wind damage, fire theft, vandalism and so much more.

How to get affordable home insurance in Florida

Homeowners’ insurance rates differ on a state-by-state basis, depending on the value of and a total number of home policy claims in that state. It also depends on the value of the belongings and property you are covering.

Shopping around and comparing rates from different companies, is the best way to acquire cheap home insurance in Florida.

Homeowners Insurance Prices in Florida by Insurance Company

As earlier mentioned rates for homeowners insurance in Florida differs according to the insurance company of your choice. The most affordable home insurance in Florida is offered by Security First at $535 per year. The state average rate is at the rate of $2,133, offering a $1,598 discount on average statewide homeowners’ insurance costs.

The Most Affordable Home Insurance Companies in Florida

Company – Average 12-Month Rate in Florida

  • Security First – $535.33
  • State Farm – $740.31
  • ASOS Preferred – $1,332.77
  • Castle Key – $1,351.38
  • Federal – $1,481.92

Cost by City

Note, that not all Florida cities have the same homeowner’s insurance rates. Pricing largely depends on city-specific variables like a number of claims filed nearby, (i.e.) your Zip code can affect how much you pay.

The most affordable policy in Florida is in Spring Hill where the typical home insurance policy costs stand at $1,194 each year – $939 less than the statewide average.

City –Average Annual Home Insurance Rate

  • Spring Hill – $1,194.48
  • Gainesville – $1,246.37
  • Tallahassee – $1,292.44
  • Jacksonville – $1,488.17
  • Palm Bay – $1,564.89.

Getting a homeowner insurance policy should not be complicated or burn a hole in your pocket, and this what Florida Homeowners Insurance policy advocates.


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