Top 9 iPHONE Radio App

Top 9 iPHONE Radio App

Do you want to stream radio stations with your iPhone? Here are the top 9 apps that can help you do so. Streaming music from these radio apps is the fastest way of discovering new songs and your link to an unlimited collection of songs. Radio app also links you to the world through the latest news and events. These apps include:

  1. iHeaiPHONE Radio ApprtRadio

iHeartRadio gives you free access to more than 750 radio stations from across the country. With so many stations to choose from, you’ll be able to find most any kind of music or other content, from rock to Christian, from news to sports to weather.

  1. Pandora

Pandora is an intelligent music streaming service and one of the most popular. It allows you to start with an artist you like and branch out into similar music from there, based on your feedback and Pandora’s huge database of likes and dislikes from users like you.

  1. NPR News

If you need the latest news, or to catch up on any number of NPR’s popular shows, this free app is for you. In addition to text news stories, the NPR News app offers live streams of shows like All Things Considered and Fresh Air, previous segments from the shows, and live streams from member stations across the country.

  1. Amazon Music with Prime Music

Amazon Prime members can enjoy unlimited, ad-free access “to over a million songs, expert-programmed Prime Playlists, and ad-free Prime Stations,” according to Amazon.

  1. AOL Radio Radio App

The free AOL Radio combines features from traditional radio apps and program-your-own-station apps like Pandora. In the traditional radio category, it offers more than 150 live radio stations from large metropolitan areas across the country. It also includes over 350 preset mix stations, a la Pandora, that allow you to skip songs and tag favorites for later purchases.

  1. Sirius XM Premium Online

To use this app, you need a subscription to the Sirius XM satellite radio service. But if you’ve got one, this free app lets you bring Sirius XM’s 120+ channels of music, talk, sports, and comedy with you on the go.

  1. Slacker

Another service like Pandora, Slacker stands out by offering over 130 pre-programmed stations in addition to letting you create your own. There are two paid versions:

Slacker Radio Plus ($3.99/monthly)

Slacker Premium Radio ($9.99/monthly)

The upgraded versions allow you to cache songs to listen to even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

  1. This American Life

Public radio hit, This American Life’s $2.99 app, lets you stream every previous episode of the series (over 400!) for free. If you want to purchase the episodes to listen to without an Internet connection, you’ll pay $0.99 each.

  1. TuneIn Radio

You’ll not only be able to listen to over 40,000 broadcast radio streams with this free app, you’ll also be able to record stations to pause and rewind what you’re hearing. Bookmark shows and stations in music, sports, news, and talk to come back to later.

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