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Progressive Insurance has changed the face of insurance business in the United States. They made it easy for the client to pickup policy, file for claims and manage insurance quote through insurance online tool.  With this online presence, policyholders can now manage their account, view and review their insurance claims and policies.Progressive Insurance Login

You no more need to visit the nearest progress insurance branch due to this free online tool.

This article will help complete your progressive Insurance Login process, setup your account (for those that are new), and also helps you to reset your password.

How to Login Progressive insurance | Progressive Insurance Login Online

After setting up your account online with Progressive Insurance, users can only access their online account after logging in.  The steps below will guide you on how you can complete your progressive Insurance Login at To get that done;

STEP 1 –Launch your browser and in the address bar, enter and then click the Login button.

STEP 2 – With that done, enter your progressive user ID and Password and click the ‘Login” button to log in.

With the above two steps, if you really entered the correct username and password, you will be redirected to your progressive online account dashboard.

For those that are new, your username and password are both cases sensitive. So ensure to enter the correct username and password.

Forgot Password

You will be denied access to your account if you enter the wrong password or username. But we can help you retrieve your password in style without any stress. The steps below will guide on how to reset your password.

STEP 1 – From the logging page, look out for the “Forgot Password OR User ID” button.

STEP 2 – Next, enter your email you used when you signed up the first time and click continue.

NOW STEP 3 – You will need to provide Identity means by providing SSN and other personal details.

When you are done, you can continue by hitting the “Submit” button. You will receive an email from where you can reset your password.

History of progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance was founded in the year 1937 and a claim office. Over the years, this then start-up company grew to become a leading insurer on health, homeowners, property as well as auto insurance.  It now has lots of branches scattered across the United States.

Statistics has it that this insurer Insurance presently worth over $20 billion I asset.

How To Sign Progressive Insurance Online | Register You account Here

All customers of progressive are entitled to free online account. To setup this insurance online account is simple. It will just take you two minutes to setup. The steps below will guide you how to setup progressive insurance login.

STEP 1 – On the same login page, click on the “First time? Register your Policy” Button on the homepage

STEP 2 – This time, you will need to enter your policy number or driver’s license and click “Continue”.

STEP 3 – Now, go on to create your profile and other login details you will use in accessing your account online.

How to manage Principal Online Account

I know by now several things are running through your mind like; what you will be doing with your progressive insurance login account. There are lots you can do with your account. If you have created your online account, you can log in from different platforms and manage your account online. You can;

  • File a claim online.
  • You can view your coverage /IDs.
  • You can Add additional policy to the ones you are having.
  • It is easier to view your claim status online.
  • Users can pay their insurance bill using their online account.
  • You can contact customer agent online and.
  • You can as well update policy details or close down your account. Insurance Corporate Sponsorship

In December 2006, Progressive insurance announces that its earnings rose 58%. They later went on to seal a 16 year deal for the naming right and sponsor right to become the sole Auto Insurer of Cleveland Indians. This deal cost close to $3.6millio each year.

In March the following year,   it was made public that they will sponsor Progressive Auto motive X PRIZE. The funding of this deal is about $10 million prize Purse. This Progressive Auto motive is a global event. It was designed for the latest viable and efficient auto mobiles.

So several teams across the world opt for this completion.

Progressive Insurance Login Products

There are lots of insurance products lined up for users on this platform. If you are a client, there are lots of insurance options from progressive that you can lay your hands on. They include Pay as You Drive or usage based insurance program. Presently, they have seven US patent covering Usage-based insurance method and systems with more patent pending.

Another great product from this insurer is Snapshot. It is a self will discount program where the driver has the option of saving money on their car insurance. This is done by sharing their driving habit with progressive.

This program is specially designed for those that driving is not a regular thing for them and drives with care during a safer time of the day. Those in this program can get a bigger discount each time they make changes to their driver habit.  All these programs can only be accessed when you complete your progressive insurance login at It is that easy.