Google Task App | How can I get to Google Task

Google task app is an application that allows you to create a to-do list. However, you can manage, and edit your task at any time using the mobile app. The app is just an easy way to create a task using your mobile phone. The question is “what can you do with Google Task?  This is simple. We are going to be talking about the uses of Google over this article as you read ahead.Google Task App

Uses of Google Task App

  • You can actually use this app to receive a notification, add emails and subtasks, and also have a different list for different accounts. Thus this implies that you can have more than one list.
  • You can set dates and time for tasks by synchronizing with google calendar
  • You add and also remove task associated with its details.

This is just but a few of what you can use this app to do.

How can I use Google Task App?

Now after you must have downloaded the app, go straight away to creating a list or task. Afterward, you can reorder or even hide the task. Now there is a possibility of turning on/off dark theme. In case you want to do that, follow the below steps

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  • Open up the google task app on your mobile.
  • Navigate down to the right and select the three dots menu icon.
  • Pick out “theme” button.
  • Thus, you can select the option you want to implement; either to put “on” or “off”.

However, this theme is made available for Android 7.0 and above.

How to Download Google Task App | How can I get Google Task

Despite the fact that newly designed means launched which allows people to find easy access to google task using Gsuite, you can still access google tasks using your computer or even the mobile app. So to do that, you ought to launch your google play store and apple store to download the app on your phone.

After you must have downloaded the app via google play store or even app store for iOS devices, now locate the app and open up. In case you have ever made use of google task on desktop, you will notice that there has a similar default list known as “My task”. You can decide to rename it if you want. However, to rename it, locate the rename button in the menu. You will find it at the right downside of the menu tab. For your notice, you will notice that app versions and the desktop are both Synchronized automatically.

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How to View Task on Google Calendar

To view task using Google calendar, all you have t do is to follow the below:

  • Click on the option to include a task assuming you have created a task already, click on the edit tab.
  • Click on “Add date/time” button.
  • Select the time and date for the task you want to set by indicating it.
  • Click on “Done” button.


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