Student Health Plans & Other Options

For a long time now, student health plans & other options have been available as an avenue for students to access affordable health insurance coverage.Student Health Plans

This goes to buttress the fact that affordable health care plan has been spread across all sectors to ensure that no one goes without health care coverage, regardless of their age or current health condition.

Thus as a parent of a college student, it is expected of you to research, compare and ultimately choose a plan that best keeps your child healthy and in school.

Benefits of Student Health Plans & Other Options

We have hand-picked some of the reasons why you should consider a health insurance plan:

National Network of Providers

Most student health plans come with a national network of health care providers and pharmacies, which offers coverage regardless of the distance from campus or home. It aligns plans with the benefits of their college’s Student Health Services for accessible on-campus care. If required, a Student Health Service can refer students to the appropriate off-campus in-network provider for more elaborate or ongoing care.

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Health Benefits

Once you ensure your child, they can stay healthier as they utilize recommended preventive care services that help safeguard against health issues and also detect health issues that require medical attention. Student health plans offer 100% coverage for preventive care gotten at an in-network provider.

Access to a Student Assistance Plan

Insurers like UnitedHealthcare, offers college students enrolled in its health plans access to a Student Assistance Plan (SAP) for 24/7 comprehensive and expert behavioral health-related support which helps them manage stress as well as other health issues. All a student needs to do, is dial a toll-free number to speak with a master’s level licensed clinician and/or registered nurse who can offer health and wellness advice.

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Cost Benefits

Included in student plans, are benefits that are more affordable than comparable plans out there. Most plans available are Gold or Platinum, but with an additional benefit of being coordinated with the Student Health Services available on campus.

Other Options

The ACA, on the other hand, has made coverage more accessible to students as well as reformed the student health insurance plans offered by universities. You should know this:

Some of the student health insurance plans must be fully compliant with the ACA’s individual market requirements. This implies that they must cover the essential health benefits with no annual or lifetime benefit maximums, and annual out-of-pocket expenses are capped.

Some colleges and universities can offer student health insurance plans but are not required to do so.

Added to student health plans offered by schools, there are several other ways students can obtain health insurance, most of which are enhanced by ACA.

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Some health plans which are marketed to students are NOT ACA compliant.

In the event where a school provides self-insured student health coverage to its students, the plan does not need to comply with the ACA.

It is necessary you check with your school, to see if they offer a student health plan because it can be an easy and affordable medium to get basic insurance coverage.

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