Kissanime Alternatives – Best Anime Sites Like Kissanime

There are few anime streaming sites that are better than KissAnime when it comes to interface, video quality and also the range of Anime series.

For the purpose of this article, we have outlined a list of best anime sites like Kissanime.

Here let’s see them and how they work, to help you make an informed choice.Kissanime Alternatives

Kissanime Alternatives – Best Anime Sites


The Anime-Planet website keeps you updated on what’s popular and new.


Anime Season

The Anime Collection on Anime season is vast, which means you can spend hours and hours watching them. It features most of the popular Anime series like Alice of Zouroku, Hunter, and Hunter, etc.

It is free to watch almost any Anime series on Anime Season with little or no advertisement possible. The video quality is also a plus of Anime Season.



On 9Anime website, you can watch your best Anime shows and also download any Anime you want.

If you can’t find your best Anime series on 9Anime, you can write to them quickly and they will upload it on their server just for you and the video quality of 9Anime is also awesome.

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On AnimeLab a legal website that offers thousands of Anime shows you can watch shows for free. It is supported by some of the devices including iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, and even Chromecast.



On AnimePark, you have the best place to watch an anime episode in English subbed. It is free, and AnimePark enables you to download anime shows.

Anime shows are listed under groups like Ongoing, fall 2018 and batch and you can browse anime shows using genres including action, adventure, drama, romance and more.



AnimeLand website is another Kissanime replacement that has the list of dubbed anime list, anime movies, dubbed dragon ball super, dubbed naruto online and also one piece.

AnimeLand features the current anime as well as newly added anime collection at the home page. AnimeLand boasts of having 1 of the biggest anime dubbed website and has a video quality of 480P up to 1080P HD.



Chia-Anime is called a KissAnime alternative for several reasons. First, both of the Anime steamers are free to access and also both offer an amazing collection of Anime stuff, including Anime shows, movies, and videos.

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Crunchyroll came into existence in 2006 and since it’s release has gained vast appreciation from the users. Unlike several of the KissAnime alternatives listed, Crunchyroll is not limited to only Anime.

Crunchy offers watching Anime and also offers other shows in not just Japanese or English but in multiple languages. It also delivers a mix of free and premium content, and if you don’t watch Anime too often, you can go for the Crunchyroll free version.



AnimeFreak offers lots of Anime streaming which you can start watching immediately without actually paying anything or signing up.

The AnimeFreak interface is not much different from other websites. They include all the related categories available that most of the other websites offer like browsing by genre, alphabetical content discovery, and the current release.

The basic difference is in the colors of the website. The colors on AnimeFreak are a little vibrant but won’t bother you at all.



Daisuki website is created by the real anime companies, which is seen in its delivery of any kind of anime possible. Here, you get to see the rarest animals to the current and also most popular Anime on Daisuki.

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Even though you can watch all Anime on Daisuki without having to log in, it’s suggested you sign up for Daisuki for the best quality High-resolution videos.

You can also use iOS and Android applications of Daisuki when signing up for it.


Anime Streams

Anime Streams is one of the leading Anime Streaming websites currently available on the internet. Anime Streams consist of a big library of Anime series, videos, and also movies that offer you a feel of the true Anime world.

Watching on Anime Streams is free, and the video quality offered on Anime Streams is HD and it is fascinating watching Anime on Anime Streams.


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