KIK Messenger – How to Download the KIK Messenger App

KIK messenger also known as a free instant messaging mobile app for the purpose of sending and receiving messages, photos, videos, make sketches or other content over the internet as long as you have registered account. This app can be used both on Android devices and iOS devices. What else do you not know about the KIK messenger app? We will be a guide to that but just keep your focus on the article.KIK messenger

Without registering with your phone number, KIK is ready to offer you with the best features, keeping your anonymity. However, they prefer to log you with the IP addresses, which are used to determine your location. KIK boost of over 300 Million registered users and has taken charge of the market in over 40% of teenagers in the US.

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In as much as teenagers can make use of this, they have also set up a feature for parental control over the app. Furthermore, they advise that users should have parental permission to use the app. Despite this, there is no way to assure this.

Not just the lapses of parental control, one can as well give a false date of birth. However, the KIK app has an age restriction aging from 12-year-olds and above. This app has been in use by so many people ever since it was established.

Benefits and Features of KIK Messenger

KIK messenger is an app full of benefits while you send your text, video-based messages or even image-based over 3G or Wi-Fi via your smartphone. Let’s look at some uncompromising features.

  • The KIK app is available for iOS, Windows phone and Android Devices.
  • This app allows you to send an image, videos, webpages, and other KIK app users.
  • The app is easy and free to use.
  • It is developed with an inbuilt browser so that users can open links sent in messages within the app.
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The KIK messenger is free to download and to use as well. But this requires data charges as you may meet the internet access or wireless provider. You will only get charges from your wireless provider and that is the only tip you will have to provide for.

  • While making use of this, ensure to put on your wireless provider (Wi-Fi).
  • To ensure minimized data bundle, check out for the covered data plan for teen’s data plan.

Steps to Download the KIK Messenger App

Follow the below guide to download the KIK app;

  • Visit the Google play store or your app store on your device.
  • Make a search of the KIK app via the search bar over your play store
  • Click on it and accept the permissions to download the app if prompted.
  • Launch your app as soon as it is ready, off installation.

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