How to Go Invisible on Yahoo Messenger – don’t feel like conversing?

You may not always want other users to know when you’re online due to one reason or the other. It may be to avoid unsolicited messages from spammers or. Particularly bugging individuals on your contact list or to focus on more important tasks. Sometimes, you just don’t feel up to having a conversation at all. At times like this, you need to appear invisible.

Yahoo Instant Messaging Network comes with this option. It enables users to appear offline or invisible to their contact list and other users even though they are online. The process of turning this feature on is simple.

Go Invisible on Yahoo Messenger

How to Go Invisible on Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo provides three options for going invisible on its IM network:

First, the “Sign in as Invisible” option can be selected during the initial log-on.

Even if not invisible initially, a user can later go invisible by changing their status to “Invisible to Everyone”

While both of these options make a user invisible to all others, it’s also possible to appear invisible only to certain other users(select). To set invisibility per user, individually click on each user’s profile and change Stealth Settings to either “Appear Offline” or “Appear Permanently Offline”

How to Detect Invisible Users on Yahoo Messenger

Many Web sites and mobile apps have appeared over the years that claim to help find users on Yahoo Messenger who are currently online but have set their IM status to invisible. Example sites include,, and These sites probe Yahoo’s IM network attempting to bypass its filters and reach an online user regardless of their settings.

Unauthorized third-party software applications a person can install on their client for this same purpose work similarly. Depending on what version of Messenger users are running, these systems may or may not work.

The other method

for detecting invisible users involves logging into Yahoo IM and attempting to contact them via voice chat or conferencing. These connection updates can sometimes generate status messages that allow their status to be determined indirectly. This method was more commonly used with older versions of Yahoo Messenger which may have been less effective in hiding revealing information.

These methods are sometimes called Yahoo invisible hacks as they attempt to defeat the privacy options of Messenger users. Note these are not a computer and network hacks in the traditional sense: They do not give access to another user’s device or data, nor do they damage devices or destroy any data. They also do not change the user’s Yahoo IM settings.

To protect against Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks, users should ensure their IM clients are upgraded to current versions and also have standard security precautions enabled on their devices


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