10 Cool Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download – express how you feel.

Emoji, also known as emoticons are symbols used during electronic communications to express how you feel. You practically use them to make faces while chatting with friends on social media. Emojis have taken the Internet by storm, they liven up your text messages with tiny smiley faces.10 Cool Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download - express how you feel.

They infuse some real personality and emotional expression into your text messages, tweets, and status updates, and it’s becoming more popular as the day goes by. The ones on our keyboard can’t seem to be enough, bring your texts and social updates to life with these 10 coolEmoji Keyboard Apps to Download .

  1. Emoji++: For Typing Emoji as Fast as Possible / Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download 

Emoji++ is an iOS 8 keyboard for emoji power users, allowing you to see lists rather than “Recently Used” tabs and use the speed search function to quickly find any emoji. You can even build your own collection of favorites for faster access.

  1. Emojiyo: Search for Emoji, Create Combinations and save Favorites / Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download 

Emojiyo is similar to Emoji++ in that it gives you a faster way to search through emoji and save your favorite combinations. You can pick a colored theme for your keyboard and rearrange emoji as you like on a single scrollable keyboard. Use it for iMessage, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

  1. Emojimo: Automatically Turn Words You Type Into Emoji / Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download 

Emojimo is the only keyboard out there that lets you set words to be transformed to emoji instantly when you type them. The app lets you type a word or phrase along with the emoji translation you want. It’s another fast, easy, and fun way to use emoji.

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Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download

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  1. Hipmoji: Pop Culture Themed Emoji for Imessage and Photo Editing

Tired of the same old emoji images? You may want to try Hipmoji, an app that gives you a whole bunch of great new emojis to use based on current trends in pop culture. Want a Starbucks emoji? Hipmoji has it! Use the keyboard to send them via iMessage, or use the photo editor to drag and drop fun emoji on your photos to share on social media.

  1. Emoji Type: Automatic Emoji Suggestions as You Type Words

If you thought Emojimo was cool, you’ll probably like Emoji Type too. Instead of automatically turning your words into emojis, Emoji Type just lists a few suggested emojis to use as it recognizes words you type.

  1. Big Emoji Keyboard: Make Your Own Emoji Stickers for Texts & Social Media

This is a fun keyboard that takes emoji to the next level. With it, you can create large sticker-like images from photos or web downloads, then use the keyboard to insert them directly into your text messages or social updates. You can even use a photo of yourself to turn into a big emoji sticker. The app also has a news feed where you can get new emojis on a weekly basis.

  1. Emoji Keyboard 2: Emoji Animations, Fonts, Text Art, and More

If you’re simply looking for a variety of emojis, the Emoji Keyboard 2 app delivers. Use the Art tab to create amazing pictures entirely out of emoji. Or check out the Pic tab to see different types of emoji you can use in addition to the standard ones. You can also shift between Static and Animated emoji to even more fun selections.

  1. IKEA Emoticons: A Keyboard with IKEA-themed Emoji Images

Even IKEA is getting in on the emoji trend with its very own keyboard app. You get a whole bunch of IKEA-themed emoji images like lamps, ice cream. And even Swedish meatballs to use in your messages. Keep in mind that while it is a keyboard. You still have to copy and paste each emoji as an image in your texts. And doesn’t currently work on all social apps.

  1. Emoji Seinfeld Edition: Lets you Share Emoji-like Seinfeld Images

Coming to you from the same jokesters who run the Seinfeld Current Day parody account on Twitter is a very simple app featuring images related to the popular 90s sitcom Seinfeld. The app doesn’t function exactly like a keyboard. But you can still use it to type Seinfeld-themed emojis and share them as images via text, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and email.

  1. Emojiary: An emoji-powered Personal Diary

This isn’t exactly a keyboard app, but it is a really cool app that lets you interact using emoji. It’s actually a virtual private diary that lets you check in daily on how you’re feeling by describing it in emoji. The app will ask you questions, to which you can reply via emoji or text. As you keep using it, you should be able to see patterns in your emotions and feelings –just like a regular diary!