There are sites that allow a person to download free books online. Some of these include:



Firstly, is Scribd is a collection of several kinds of books or reading materials. Some of these materials include audiobooks, documents, magazines, and sheet music.

Millions of documents are published here every month, making it one of the web’s largest source of published materials.

However, Scribd is only free for thirty days. A  person would have to pay for its services every month after the trial to continue using it.

The Online Books Page

Secondly, this site has over three million books available for download in several formats. The site is maintained by the University of Pennsylvania. Books here can be searched for by author, subject, or by new listings.


Thirdly, is Questia offers a world-class library of free books filled with textbooks and classics. It is the favorite of researchers, scholars, and librarians. There are more than five thousand free books available.

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Also, tutorials for writing research papers are offered and books are cataloged by topic and viewable from the site. However, some features on this site are for paid subscriptions.

Archive.org’s eBooks and Texts

Fourthly, this is a library of books across a wide variety of interests. It offers fiction, historical texts, children’s books, academic books. And more. Several downloading options are available including. PDF, EPUB, and Kindle. Books can be sorted out by view count or popularity. The site sometimes though takes time to respond.


Interestingly, this site is a collection of textbooks. Subjects here cut across different fields of learning, from humanities to science, computer, and engineering. Its cookbook offers a wide variety of recipes.

Also, community features like a reading room are available and it has books for children from age twelve and under. Its department’s pages make browsing through easier.

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Open Library

This is a search tool that pulls data from the Internet’s archive. Hundreds of thousands of books can be searched here with multiple formats available. It is a good alternative when Archive.org is not working. Some of the downloadable formats include PDF, ePub, Daisy, and DjVu.

Free – eBooks.net

Also, Free – eBooks.net offers a diverse variety of free books from all walks of life. Audiobooks are also available in a large number of categories. The categories include fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, classics, science, engineering, humor, poems, and more. Registration is required for a free user account.


Lastly, this is a site with both free and paid books. Several people use SlideShare for research purposes. It contains Presentations and Infographics. A person would have to download these books and registration is required. A lot of content here however is not free.


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