How to Find AIM Chat Rooms – it’s not where it used to be before.

If you were a user of AIM Chat room, you would have discovered that it’s not where it used to be before. Due to a decline in the number of users, AOL removed AIM Chat from,, and its AIM IM client. But if you still want to use AIM chat rooms, I will show you how you can find them.

AIM Chat Rooms

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Are there still chat rooms like AOL and AIM used to in the late 90s early 00s? Not ones for dating, but like similar interests with anonymous strangers?

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Sure, I’d tinkered around in chat rooms before but it was always with random people. Being able to see when people you know in real life …

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Chat robots — AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was an instant messaging and presence computer program created by AOL, which used the proprietary OSCAR instant …

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After going dark just over 6 months ago, AIM is back with new owners. … More:Smiletime now for video chat rooms.

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There is a Tampa Bay specific chat room on AIM, so naturally that’s where I went. I was happy to see one there. In fact I think AIM is one of the very few chats …

  • Firstly, you can find AIM chat rooms using AOL Desktop web browsing software, free all-in-one service for desktop email, instant messaging, and browsing. If you do not have it already, download AOL Desktop.
  • Secondly, after you download the AOL Desktop web browsing software, you’ll need to sign up for a screen name. Both the software and the screen name are free. You don’t need to subscribe to AOL’s broadband or dial-up internet service.
  • Thirdly, to begin using AIM chat rooms, launch AOL Desktop on your computer. When prompted, enter your AIM screen name and password to continue. There is no charge for AIM chat room users to use AOL Desktop as long as you use your own internet connection.
  • Fourthly, after you sign in to AOL Desktop, you can access the AIM Chat directory by going to the Community menu and selecting Chat Room Listings or you can use the AOL keyword Chat Room Listings for a full directory of AIM Chat rooms.

Selecting Your AIM Chat Room

AOL People Connection is the home of several chat rooms. AIM Chat is separated into a number of distinct categories, in addition to two types: chat rooms created by AOL and chat rooms created by users. To view the AOL People Connection room list and join a public chat:

  • Sign in to the AOL Desktop with your screen name and password.
  • Click on Community and pick Chat Room Listings.
  • Use your mouse to select an AIM Chat category, and double-click it to view the chat rooms in that category.
  • Double-click the public chat room name you want to enter, or click once and select the Go Chat button to enter the AIM Chat of your choice.
  • To view the AIM Chat rooms created by users, select the Created by AOL Members tab, and click Enter or Start a Private Chat. Then, type the private chat room’s name to join a private chat room or to set up your own private room.
  • The Chat that you selected launches immediately.
  • To change AIM Chat rooms, go back to the AOL People directory or click the Chat Options button inside your chat room and select Chat Room Listing to make another selection.
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Chat Room Rules

AOL has policies that govern chat rooms, and the company requires members to agree to the policies when they create a screen name. The rules are related to the use of appropriate language, the distribution of content, and to several types of illegal activities, such as seeking personal information from minors. Read the complete list when you sign up.