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Are you a DeltaNet employee? Do you know that you can now access the DeltaNet employee self-service website? This will give you access to a lot of company details as well as your employee information.

This website was established to help the Human Resources Department function more effectively and efficiently as employees will see and monitor a lot of things on their own. Also, the website features how you can access your TravelNet, DeltaNet Passport and New Employee Onboarding process.

If as a new employee it is your first time in the website, you need to set up your DeltaNet Passport details. The Human Resources Department will send you the details or your direct supervisor will do so. They will send you this detail through mail in a pressure-sealed envelope.

The details include your 6-digit employee ID, 9 digit employee number, and details on how to create your Delta Passport Password. You can as well call on the Delta Employee Service Center on 1-800-693-3582 to send you the details if you have not received it.

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As a new employee, you can elect your benefit coverage DeltaNet only during the Annual Open Enrollment event. Ensure that you do not miss this as you will not do it again till the next year.

It is only during this time that you can make changes and updates and be sure they will reflect on your account. The website is open 24/7 and employees can access it from whatever location they are as long as they have a device with internet connection.

Moreover, you can use the Employee Self-Service feature to make pay/personal information changes. You can change your name, W-2, email address,  deductions, travel, add dependents, set up direct deposit, designate beneficiaries,  review Delta Flight plans,  access your 401k benefits.


Additionally, for employees that encounter a challenge in the website, they can go to the “Help“ section of the portal. Whatever challenge it is such as forgetting login details, setting up one`s account and others can easily be resolves.  With the website, you will experience greater convenience doing your work.

Since you can control and monitor your employee account, you can easily detect problems and help solve them fast through the help of the Human Resources Department. If you are an employee of DeltaNet and you have not started accessing this employee self-service website, go ahead and start.

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