These are HARD DRIVE ERASER SOFTWARES capable of completely erasing files or data from a hard drive. They are also referred to as disk wipe software, data sanitization software, or data destruction software. They permanently overwrite information on a drive and it is the safest way to go if you need to dispose of or recycle the hard drive or computer.EFFECTIVE HARD DRIVE ERASER SOFTWARES - totally erase files

For cases where you do not want to completely wipe out a hard drive, you can use the file shredder software suited for individual file destruction. Effective hard drive eraser software includes:



It is a hard drive eraser that also serves as a registry cleaner. You choose the drive you intend to wipe and then click on Start Deletion. It doesn’t erase the hard drive installed to it because the program runs from within Windows.

Secure Eraser can be used to reboot, exit, or shut down the computer. During setup it attempts to install other programs, so you would have to deselect such if you don’t want it.


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Here are several free data destruction software programs, also called disk wipe software or hard drive eraser software.

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Today, we are going to discuss hard drive eraser software. It is also known as disk wipe software, or data sanitization software.

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This means the utility will fully wipe your drive by overwriting your data three times with different characters. Wipe Your Drive in Windows 10. With the help …

  1. Hard Drive Eraser

This is a portable program that is very easy to use. It can be used for wiping out all the data off a secondary hard drive.

You can simply choose a drive to be deleted, select a sanitization method and then choose the file system that the drive should end up being. The program works with both SSDs and mechanical HDDs.

  1. CCleaner

CCleaner can wipe a free disk space or completely destroy all the data in a drive. The tool is normally used as a system cleaner for removing internet or case files and for deleting temporary Windows files.

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It supports both mechanical drives and SSDs. To wipe data from a drive, go to Tools Section and then select Drive Wiper. Choose Entry Drive from the dropdown menu.

  1. WipeDisk

WipeDisk is a portable hard drive wiper that supports several data wipe methods. It is quite easy to use. It works by selecting a drive and then choosing a wipe method. A custom text can be used for overwriting data and you can optionally wipe just the free space. Activities can be logged to a file and to avoid accidentally erasing a whole hard disk, a four-character code has to be read and confirmed.

  1. TweakNow SecureDelete

Wiping an entire hard drive is easy with this data eraser program. The program has a nice, clean interface with simple buttons. For deleting an entire hard drive, you can drag everything including files, subfiles, and folders. Simply drag and drop them directly into the program to remove them.

  1. File Shredder

This eraser tool supports both traditional and solid-state drives. The program can erase a disk full of files by adding the drive’s contents to the program. You have to drag and drop all files and folders needed to be deleted, so file shredder is not exactly an easy tool to use. Contents though can be grabbed from the root of the drive and dropped into a file shredder.