Couple – The Long Distance Relationship App To Increase your Intimacy

The couple is an iPhone app designed for couples that stay miles apart from each other to help them keep in touch. It was formerly known as Pair. Naming an app this way speaks volumes about bridging the intimacy gap between couples.Couple - The Long Distance Relationship App To Increase your Intimacy

The couple can only be used between two people obviously. You could hypothetically try it out with a friend, but the features on the app are all about expressing romance and love, so you may not feel totally comfortable with sending a “Thinking of you…” thought bubble to a casual friend or co-worker.

If you’ve tried the Path app before, you’ll probably love the Couple app too. It functions very similarly and the layout is similar. It features a timeline structure of your activity and includes a little plus sign button in the bottom left to choose what action or post you want to make.

How to Use Couple

You can download Couple for free for the Android and iPhone store and create a free account. Before you can start interacting with the app, you have to send an invite to your partner and have them accept their invite. Once your partner has clicked on the confirmation link in the email, you can check out all the features that make the app so special and great for couples.



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App Features

Dates: Keep track of your anniversary, birthdays, or any other important dates.

Shared Tasks: Create a shared to-do list with your partner.

Moments: Share photos with each other in this section.

Settings: Change your profile picture and set up your notifications.

Facetime: Access Facetime from within the Pair app by clicking on the circle located in the upper right corner of the timeline.

Message: Use the message/send form at the bottom of the timeline to say something.

Photo: Tap the camera icon to take a new photo or choose a photo.

Camera: Film a short video within the app to add to the timeline.

Sketch: Select the paintbrush icon and use your finger to draw something.

Thought bubble:

Tap the thought bubble button to instantly let your partner know that you’re thinking of them.

Thumbkiss: Play a game of “Thumbkiss” by trying to catch each other’s thumbprints on the touchscreens of the app.

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Location: Allow the Pair app to post your current location.

Live Sketch: The live sketch option allows you to draw together on the same screen.

Why Should You Use Couple?

Sure, there are hundreds of other alternatives to using Couple like Instagram, Facebook, Skype, and so on. But Couple puts everything in one place, just for you two. And you sure won’t find some of the features there on any other apps like Thumbkissing. You will feel closer to your partner through this app.