SNAPCHAT – allow your pictures and videos do all the talking.

If you’ve been hearing about Snapchat but don’t know what it’s all about, or you’re seeing pictures with funny faces and interesting filters and you’re wondering how they do it. It’s all in Snapchat.SNAPCHAT - allow your pictures and videos do all the talking.

Snapchat is a very interesting social media application that has quickly taken over the mobile world. It’s fun and has a lot of features that set it apart from other applications.

Snapchat allows its users to “chat” with one another through photos and short videos up to 10 seconds long. Your pictures and videos do all the talking. Text chats and video calls are two other features that were added more recently to the app. Snapchat exists only as a mobile app you can download to your iPhone or Android smartphone.


is also a good place to share secrets as messages sent here, be it photos or videos, disappear a few seconds after they’ve been viewed by their recipients. Unlike other social networks, which keep your content online forever unless you decide to delete it, Snapchat’s disappearing content makes online interaction feel more human and a little more grounded in the present moment.

You don’t have to worry about posting the perfect photo, wondering about how many likes or comments it might receive because it disappears within a few seconds and the only interaction you may receive back is a photo, video, or chat reply.

Snapchat Stories

Building on its massive success, Snapchat eventually gave users their own sort of news feed feature where they could post photos and videos that could be viewed by their friends as a story clip rather than as a private or group message.

These clips — called stories — are posted for 24 hours only before they disappear.

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Android Permissions – Snapchat Support › android-permissions

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Teen Snapchat Users & Sexting

As with every social media app, the heaviest Snapchat users are teenagers and young adults. Since Snapchat photos self-destruct automatically, a big trend has emerged: sexting via Snapchat.

Kids are basically taking provocative photos of themselves and sending them to their friends/boyfriends/girlfriends using Snapchat. And they feel more liberal about doing it because they know that those photos get deleted after a few seconds. Though this wasn’t what the developers had in mind while adding this feature. And it doesn’t mean, there are no responsible users. And before you go about posting private content. It’s important to note that these controversial photos and videos can still end up somewhere on the web without your permission.

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The general rule

of Internet sharing goes something like this: if you put it on the web, it will be there forever — even if you delete it later. It’s reassuring to know that Snapchat content is automatically deleted soon after it’s been viewed. But there are still ways to capture that content and save it elsewhere.

According to the FAQ section on the Snapchat website, users are notified if any of their recipients try to take a screenshot of any of their snaps. Screenshots can indeed be captured if a user does it quickly. And the sender is always notified about it right away.

Despite the screenshot notifications, there are still some ways to capture snaps without senders knowing. Countless tutorials have been published online about the topic, and Snapchat has done its part in continuously updating the app to keep privacy and security in tiptop shape.

Competition and Copycats

  • Facebook Poke

In late 2012, Facebook announced that it was coming out with an app to compete with Snapchat. The Facebook Poke app was released. Which closely resembled almost everything about Snapchat.

A lot of eyebrows were raised shortly after Facebook Poke was released. Many criticized the social networking giant for creating a complete copy of such a successful app and raised questions about potential problems in Facebook’s product development area. Two weeks after Facebook Poke launched. It never broke into the top 100 apps on iTunes — while Snapchat remained took the fourth top spot.

Facebook Poke failed to match Snapchat in terms of capturing a strong user base.

  • Instagram Stories

In 2016, Instagram unveiled its very own Snapchat-like stories feature to compete with the popular app. Users were surprised to see how eerily similar it was to Snapchat, almost as if Snapchat itself was built directly into Instagram.

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So far, the new Instagram seems to be a pretty big success. People are using it, but it hasn’t been a big enough success to completely convince users to give up using Snapchat stories just yet.

How To Use Snapchat

  • Now that you know what Snapchats is and what to look out for in terms of security, you can follow the steps below to use it:
  • You need to download the free iOS or Android app from iTunes or Google Play or make sure you have the most updated version if you have it already.
  • The app will ask you to create an account by entering an email address, a password, and a username.
  • Snapchats will ask if you want to check to see which of your friends in your social network are already using Snapchats.

Although it reminds us a lot of SMS texting, the app works with your data plan or WiFi connectivity when sending and receiving Snapchats. Keep in mind that once Snapchats has expired, there’s no way you can look at it again.