Every serious Instagram account user wants more LIKES ON INSTAGRAM and influence on the network. The INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT holder must understand his audience and their social media tendencies and increase his followership and likes he would have to work on the following tips and strategies:HOW TO GET LIKES ON INSTAGRAM AND INCREASE YOUR VIEWS

1. Post Regularly

Having a level of consistency with the frequency of one’s post has proven to keep your followers engaged and this eventually leads to more likes. Followers lose interest easily in a user’s account whose posts are not consistent or basically have a low number of posts.

2. Proper Use of Tagging

Tagging profiles with a large following can be useful, especially when their product is featured. Every time a user is tagged, he or she receives a notification that could eventually lead to them viewing the post and possibly liking it.


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3. Use Hashtags the right way

Proper use of hashtags is important in targeting for more likes on your posts. It is only proper to include popular or trending hashtags if they apply to a particular post. Adding hashtags that have nothing to do with your post is a turn-off. Putting all your hashtags at the end of a caption is not necessary, it is better to spread them out throughout the text

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4.Using the “Add Location” feature

A location tag increases the chances of your posts being viewed and possibly liked by others. A tagged photo helps viewers to know where you took the photo or where you happened to be at the moment.

5.Following others, liking and commenting on their posts

Following others and liking their posts is very essential. The reciprocation of likes help to grow your following because in liking and commenting on the posts of others, you are giving them an opportunity to engage and take notice of you. Regularly taking part in positive conversations and proactively sending them messages when the situation calls for it goes a long way.

6. Function in your Niche

Instagram has a very large number of users, thus standing out could be a tough one. This is why it is better to stay in your niche; clearly choosing something you are both knowledgeable and passionate about. This helps to make your Instagram experience enjoyable and gives you enough edge to stand out.


7. Posting good videos

To get lots of likes and a large following, sharing video content here is absolutely necessary. Occasional video posts will result in an engagement boost for your followers and others.

8. Paid Promotion

This will cost the user both time and money but used correctly and you are well on your way to obtaining more likes and engagements. The Instagram Ads allow you to reach segments of the IG population that the free Instagram would not normally let you access. This tends to increase your follower base and subsequent likes.

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