ChatRoulette – a great way to meet and chat with new friends.

Chatroulette is an online dating site where strangers communicate with one another via webcam. It may look simple or seem unpopular but there is a lot to discover about Chatroulette as you will see in the course of this article. provides a great way to meet and chat with new friends. The theme is simple enough: sign in, click a button and randomly connect with new people around the world using your webcam. Since you will be meeting different kinds of people, you never can tell what you will be viewing from the other side. So it will be wise not to use this site in your workplace or other public places.

Despite decent video quality and a large community of users, Chatroulette is very often a foray into the pornographic or the sophomoric and not a community conducive to meeting new people.


Chatroulette’s Dirty Details

Chatroulette has said they have image recognition monitoring to help cut down on explicit content, but it is not completely effective. Despite warnings against broadcasting sexually explicit content, most users are there for personal reasons. They broadcast open making the site unsuitable for underage internet users.

The site looks so beautiful and attractive on the outside yet beyond the index page, and often seedy world of hormone-charged exhibitionists awaits upon pressing the “Start” button.

The site generally attracts a large number of people with baser desires and interests that run counter to meeting new people for the chance to develop serendipitous friendships.

Great Video Quality, Few Real Connections

Most Chat Roulette users will connect with a user and disconnect in a matter of two or three seconds. The sheer volume of connections in a single time spent on Chat Roulette that results in no meaningful interaction at all must remove this site from any list of valuable social networking sites.

Most of the people on the site are simply looking for sexual gratification, though there are users who venture in that are not looking for this; however, it is highly unlikely those users remain for long, which further reduces one’s chances of making a connection that does not involve sex.

Chat Roulette’s only notable area of distinction is its clear, high-quality video and audio connections. Now, if only they had content and people worth broadcasting.


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