GREAT VIDEO CALL APPS – See And Hear Your Friends

There are a couple of group video call apps that allow us to see and hear our friends even when we are not physically together. These apps help in keeping us connected to friends and family. Some VIDEO CALL APPS are specifically designed for casual, business, and gaming connections amongst others.

Some of the apps include:



This allows one to set up group calls with up to thirty-two people, and you can add more persons to a call that is already in progress.

FaceTime is considered by most persons to be the pioneer of modern video chat. Prior to its creation in 2010 by Apple, most persons had little or no experience with video chat. It is easy to use the app and every iPhone and the iPad user already has it installed on their device. As already stated it is Apple device-only, so Android and Windows users do not have it.

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Google Duo

Google Dou is available for both iOS and Android users. It comes preinstalled on many Android phones and can connect up to twelve persons in a chat at a time.

Your identity on Dou is your phone number, so you do not need to create an account. It has a feature called Knock Knock which lets you see the video of a caller even before you answer. It however does not have sharing or collaboration tools.

Facebook Manager

Most persons have a Facebook account, so virtually everyone using the social network already has Facebook Manager. It is available on Android and IOS, as well as Windows and Macs.

Facebook Messaged can allow for fifty participants and also allows for a one-on-one chat. The meetings held here could be instant or scheduled.


This is a free way to have high-quality video chats with up to a hundred persons at once. The service is obtained across different platforms, from Android to iPhone, to Mac and personal computers. The meetings can be scheduled in advance and they can last up to forty minutes.



This is easily recognized as the most popular messaging app in use today. A person can text in the app, make calls, and send videos. Finding people on the service is easy because a phone number rather than a username is used in registering.

WhatsApp can take up to fifty persons or participants in a group or chat and you can only video chat with users on the mobile app.


The Discord app is an excellent team communication tool, used by programmers and special interest groups. Its main focus though remains gamers and it can take up to twenty-five users at a time. You can easily share your screen and has cross-platform compatibility.

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