PaycheckPlus Card – you can access your account online

Do you work for a company that gets paid through a PaycheckPlus Card? If so, do you know that you can access your account online through the PaycheckPlus website? From the website, you can view your payroll based on your working hours and pay periods. You can even see and review your previous payments, payment due dates, overtime, and lots more. It is completely free to access the website, you don`t have to pay anyone to use the website to view your payroll. The website is very convenient and easy to use and you can access it from whatever location you are as long as you have an internet connection. PaycheckPlus web portal is open 24/7.

PaycheckPlus Card - you can access your account online

However, to access your account online,

supply your User ID, card number, and Password at the website login link. In case you don`t have a User ID YET, SUPPLY YOUR Card Number in its place. If you are a first-time user, you can sign up through the “First Time Login“ link. Carefully follow the instructions you will see to complete the registration process and login into your account.

Additionally, note that there are fees that go with using the PaycheckPlus Card. Below is a list of the fees:

  • First, Balance Inquiry is free.
  • Secondly, Sending money is $4.
  • Also, US Post Service money order is $0.50.
  • Retail purchase is $0.50.
  • Checking balance is $0.75
  • Get cash is $1.75.

Interestingly, the first transaction you make with your card after getting it is completely free. This particular rule applies to each pay period and covers transactions like an electronic transfer from your card to a bank account, checking your balance, withdrawing from an ATM, point of sale, and lots more. Once you complete your first transaction for free, the subsequent ones go with the fee appropriate for them. Keep this in mind.

Do you know that you can save on fees by locating surcharge-free Allpoint ATM machines in your area?  The machines above have cheaper ATM fees than the normal ATM and will save you some money during withdrawal. You can as well activate Text Alert inside your account setting. This feature is completely free and can save you some money. The text alert feature tells you your current account balance through text messages.

Everything about the PaycheckPlus web portal is convenient, easy, and interesting to use. Once you go to the PaycheckPlus portal, you can easily register and start accessing your paystub details.


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