Windows 10 Disk Management Tool – How it Works

Do you know that you can fix any issue with your hard drive without the help of an engineer?. Windows 10 disk management tool can help you achieve that without much stress. In this article, I will discuss the Windows 10 disk management tool and how you can use it to fix all your hard drive issues.Windows 10 Disk Management Tool - How it Works

Meaning Windows 10 Disk Management Tool

Disk management is a built-in software in Windows 10 that can be used to manage the hard disk of your PC. Disk management allows users to partition the hard disk of their Pc and also possibly fix any other issues related to the hard disk. It can be used to create, delete and format the hard disk.  When you get a new hard drive disk you can use the tool to drive it with a Master Boot Record ( MBR).

Features and advantages of Windows 10 disk management

The following set of advanced features makes windows 10 disk management different from other disk maintenance tools.

  • Disk management can be used to determine the status of a hard drive. For instance, you can use disk management to find the storage capacity of the PC hard disk and also the free space available and the unused space.
  • Windows disk management tools can be used to create, delete and format partitions.
  • It can be used to letters and paths of a drive.
  • You can use the tool to search for files in a partition drive.
  • One important feature of the Windows 10 disk management tool is that you can use it initialize a brand new disk before use.
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Windows 10 Disk Management Tool

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The tool lets users of Microsoft’s desktop OS see and manage the disk drives installed on their devices. That includes hard disk drives, optical disk drives and …

How to Open Windows 10 Disk Management tool

To locate this tool on your computer,   right-click on the “start menu” and select “ Disk Management”. Or you can press the “windows +X button on your keyboard. Furthermore, you can access disk management by opening the “Search Bar” then type “Disk Management”  then the Disk Management window will open.

How to use Windows 10 Disk Management

Now that you have to know how to locate disk management. There is a lot you can carry out with the tool

  1. To create a virtual hard drive ( VHD):  disk management can be used to create and attach a VHD file. You can achieve this through the Action Menu. From the Action menu, you will specify the setting for the VHD, such as the location, its size, and format. After selecting your desired settings click “Ok” to create the VHD.
  2. Extend a Partition: you can extend a partition of a drive using the disk management to achieve this right-click on the partition you will like to extend and select “Extend Volume”. There are cases where you may not be able to locate the “Extend Volume” option this is because its in windows 10 only when there is adjoining unallocated space behind the partition.
  3. Convert from MBR (Master Boot Record)  to GPT ( GUID Partition Table): with disk management, a hard drive can be converted from an MBR disk to GPT disk. To convert right-click on the disk in the Disk Management window and click on convert to a GPT disk.
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Windows 10 Disk Management Tool

In this article, I will discuss the Windows 10 disk management tool and how you can use it to fix all your hard drive issues.

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