WHAT IS GEOTAGGING – Learn To Tag a photo, a tweet or status update

Geotagging or geocoding is a way to add geographical metadata to photos, RSS feeds, and websites. It defines the longitude, latitude, location or place, name, and a regional identifier of the tagged item. Geotagging involves “tagging” a geographical location to either a photo, a tweet, a status update, or something else posted.

Usually, geotagging a location to your posts gives your followers and friends a glimpse into where you are and what you are doing. Geotagging web pages are ideal for retail sites and tourism sites. Any website offering a physical storefront or location can benefit from geotags. If a business is tagged, it becomes easier for customers to find you or your site.

WHAT IS GEOTAGGING - Learn To Tag a photo, a tweet or status update

Modern websites however rarely offer explicit geotagging.

Most of the big social networks have geotagging features built into them. This is found both on their web versions and in their mobile apps. Using these features involve:


Firstly, on posting a status update or other media post, a little location pin icon that you can click to “check-in” to a place is shown. The dropdown menu can be used to pick a nearby place or search for a specific one. Your location will be posted alongside your Facebook post.


Also, just like Facebook, Twitter had a location pin icon in the tweet composer that you can click or tap to find a nearby location. Your location shows up beneath your tweet when it is posted.


Furthermore, instagram is all about sharing and viewing videos and media content on the go. Every time you prepare to post a new video or photo, an option to add location pops up on the caption tab. An added location saves the video or photo to the corresponding location on one’s personal Instagram map, located on your profile.


Firstly, a person can snap a photo or record a video and. Then swipe right on it to add a fun sticker to it which changes. Depending on their location.

Also, the computer or device will likely ask for. Permission to access one’s location first. A person has to allow that before geotagging. It is advised that a person use geotagging. Features safely and responsibly.

A social profile set to public. This means that anyone or everyone gets to see a location that you post. To avoid this, you can. Choose not to post at all or you can set your profile to private.

A person must however be careful with. How he uses geotagging. Geotagging could give certain persons unnecessary information or access towards us, loved ones or our businesses. These Geotaggings must be used carefully and wisely.


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