Wunderlist – access and update your to-do list from anywhere you wish

Plan your day and stay organized with Wunderlist. This is an essential to-do and task list manager that can enhance your productivity and help you manage your time effectively. Each task occupies a particular timeline helping you to focus and accomplish more. Wunderlist app is available for several devices including Macs, iOS devices, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, and even, directly on the web. You can access and update your to-do list from anywhere you wish by signing into your account.Wunderlist - access and update your to-do list from anywhere you wish


  • Firstly, free and Pro versions available.
  • Secondly, the free version should meet the needs of individual or family users.
  • Thirdly, assign tasks and subtasks to multiple users.
  • Fourthly, supports reminders, notes, and setting due dates.


  • The interface can be cumbersome, especially when digging for details.

Setting Up Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a task list manager that keeps the task data stored in the cloud on the Wunderlist servers. This allows you to keep track of your tasks, projects, or to-do’s across just about any devices you may be using; this is even true for devices that aren’t directly supported by Wunderlist native apps.


As long as your device uses a modern browser, you can access the web-based version of Wunderlist.


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First, head to the Microsoft To Do website. Ensure you’re signed in with theMicrosoft account you want to import your Wunderlist tasks to.

To start using Wunderlist, you need to set up a free account. Wunderlist also supports a Pro version that offers additional capabilities, mostly in terms of how many people can access the same Wunderlist-based tasks and projects.

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The free version allows you to assign tasks to up to 25 individuals, and create 25 subtasks. Tasks are also limited to a relatively small storage space of 5 MB per task. The Pro version of Wunderlist, available for either a $5.00 per month or $50 per year subscription, removes the limits, allowing unlimited assignees, subtasks, and attachment storage space.

Using Wunderlist

Wunderlist starts by asking you to make use of one or more pre-configured lists that it provides. You can choose from Groceries, Movies to Watch, Travel, Work, Family, or Private. Trying out the premade versions is a great way to get acquainted with the Wunderlist app, you can always remove these lists later.

Wunderlists opens with a two-pane window, with your tasks and to-do’s shown in the left sidebar. The right-hand side shows items that are part of the selected list.

To-Do items you add to a list can also include due dates and notes, as well as a reminder set up to let you know when an item is needed.

The task lists in the sidebar are a way to organize a group of activities into one container.

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With Wunderlists, you can set times and dates for each task, as well as assign a task to someone. As each person completes their task. They update the Wunderlists app to show the current status.

With each task, you can add users (anyone with a Wunderlist account), assign responsibility for individual tasks, create due dates, set up reminders, add documents for others to view, and prioritize items.

The ability to both assign a task and share the task details via Wunderlists makes it easy for everyone to remain up to date on the project, avoid delays. And manage resources effectively.