Most devices come with an Internet browser. There are also a variety of free browsers out there that are available for download. Here is a list of some of the fastest as well as secured internet browsers across various platforms.TOP INTERNET BROWSERS - BEST INTERNET BROWSERS


Google Chrome

This is one of the fastest internet browsers. It loads Google services very quickly. While other browsers may take a while to load a YouTube video, chrome, however, would already be playing it almost on the spot with a good internet connection.

More importantly, Google Chrome has a huge library of browser extensions. it is available on a variety of devices ranging from Windows to Mac, Linux, iOS, Android smartphones, and tablets.

However, the browser updates have a very good history of raising privacy concerns also its incognito mode does not completely hide your activity.


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Microsoft Edge

Certainly known as the best browser for windows 10. It comes pre-installed on all new Windows 10 devices.  Firstly, the browser is already integrated into the operating system. it is important to note that it is set as the default app for opening web pages, ebooks, and PDF files.

Also, it has voice dictation which can be used to easily read articles. Its Cortana feature is used for looking up words and phrases which may not be clear on the surface.

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In addition to other browsers, this free web browser supports iOS and Android devices quite cheaply. It has a built-in VPN service that boosts security as well as privacy protection.  Typically, the VPN service compresses traffic, so your device will use less data while surfing the web. The browser has in-built ad-blocking that stops ads and pop-ups from coming on websites. This VPN is not on by default, it has to be toggled or switched on or off.


This internet browser blocks cookies, phishing, advertising, and malware. It provides you with advanced options that enable HTTPS everywhere. And also prevents browser fingerprinting. These security measures make web pages load faster.

Brave runs on cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT). It has an integrated software wallet for storing BAT tokens. Brave is available on Mac,  as well as Linux computers, Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones.


This is a free web browser whose program is built on the same chromium-based technology that powers Google Chrome. It allows one to install almost any extension from the chrome web store.

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Vivaldi allows for customization of its look or interface and also its features to a degree. The toolbar can be changed. Several other customizations carried out. Vivaldi can be used for Mac, Windows, and Linuxcomputers.


This is seen as the best internet browser for Apple users. It comes pre-installed on all Apple’s devices and it is the default app for opening web pages. Safari syncs bookmarks and browsing history by using iCloud. It however has limited customization.