TIMEHOP – takes you back in time to what you posted on Facebook.

Do you want to have a look at your past on social media? Timehop is an app that can hop back into time to show you what you posted on social media exactly a year ago, even more than a year ago, along with any posts you received from friends. Facebook also has a similar feature known as Facebook Memory that takes you back in time to what you posted on Facebook. Timehop is more like a digital machine for many social networks, providing a social news feed of your past.



Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It’s like #tbt every day! Download for free today for iOS and Android.

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Timehop is the only app that lets you celebrate all your best memories, every day. Join the over 20 Million people who start their day reminiscing with …

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Timehop is the only app that lets you celebrate all your best memories, every day. Join the over 20 Million people who start their day reminiscing with friends …

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Timehop is an application for smartphones that collects old photos and posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Phone photo gallery, Google Photos and …

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How Timehop Works

Timehop is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from their individual stores.

For social networks, Timehop currently works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Google. It also lets you connect to your Dropbox Photos, Desktop Photos, iPhone Photos, iPhone Videos so you can even see the photos and videos you took but didn’t share online.

In addition to showing you what content you posted exactly one year ago, it will also show you anything you posted from two years ago, three years ago, four, five, or how many years back you were still active.

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Getting Started With Timehop

Once you’ve connected the accounts you want Timehop to access, everything else is easy. All you have to do is scroll up or down to view posts in your feed.

The most recent yearly posts are listed at the top followed by the older ones in chronological order.

When you first get started, the app may ask your permission to send you daily notifications so that you never forget to check your daily feed. ​If you forget to check it before the day’s end, you won’t be able to see those posts again until the very same day rolls around again the next year.

You can also interact with most of the posts shown to you by the app, which is very convenient if you want to examine the post for a closer look. For example, if a collection of Facebook photos you posted a year ago are shown, you can tap them to view and swipe through them. Live links shared via Twitter can also be clicked on, and if any @mention tweets are shown, you should be able to click on “show conversation” beneath it to see the additional tweets from other users.

Re-sharing Your Timehop Posts on Social Media

Sometimes a post you made one or several years ago is just too good to not re-share again. Timehop makes it super easy (and fun) to share your posts again.

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Under each post shown in your Timehop feed, there’s a blue Share link you can tap. From there, Timehop will let you design an image featuring your post, along with a few optional text options and some Emoji-like images (thumbs up, thumbs down, birthday cake, etc.).

Once you’re happy with your design, you can share it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in a text message, or via any other social app you may have installed on your device.