Techron Advantage Card

Techron Advantage Card is a gas credit card that earns rewards for fuel purchases with Chevron and Texaco gas stations. the card is the replacement for the old Chevron credit card, (although older cards wills till work through their expiration date).Techron Advantage Card

Offered by Synchrony Bank, it has one of the strongest introductory offers compared to other gas cards. Thus, an ideal for those who have an upcoming road trip or will be doing an extensive number of driving.

Moreover, it offers benefits that make it easy to use, including: Exclusive cardholder savings offers and Zero fraud liability.

Seeing some of the benefits cardholders enjoy, what are the you still waiting for? Proceed to the application page to apply for the card.


Techron Advantage Card Activate

If you finally get your techron card, the next thing is to activate it.

Here are the guide to Activate your Techron Advantage Credit Card at


  • Launch a web browser on your computer or other devices and navigate to
  • Once you are on the activation screen, you will be prompted to provide information such as
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Account Number

Three Digit Security Code

Last Four Digits of SSN

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY).

  • After entering the above information in the empty field, you will need to click the Activate
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.

After activating your card, you can shop with it and payments wherever you wish to.


Activate by phone

If you don’t to activate your card using the online method, you can also activate your card by phone. Activating by phone in the sense that you need to contact the customer service.

For Techron Advantage Credit cardholders, to activate call on- 1 866 913 8492.

For Techron Advantage Visa Credit Cardholders, dial: 1 866 448 5702.

Follow the on-call instructions to complete the activation process. However,  before placing a call across, ensure you have you card details handy.


Techron Advantage Card  Login

Accessing your account enables you to  a whole lot of things such as

  • View your balance
  • Pay your bills
  • Track your transactions
  • Register for e-bill

To access your account, do the following


Click on login. The log in box is in the upper right corner of the page.

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Tap on login to my account and type your user name and password

Then, tap on the Login button.


How to Apply

If you want to apply for Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage™ Card, you can click on Apply now button.

Visit their official page, you will see the apply now button.

On the application page, fill in the form and submit it for approval.


Customer Service

To visit their customer care page

Navigate to their main page

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the Call Support button located under the CALL US.

It will direct you to the next page where you will need to find the option to contact Techron support by phone.

You can pay your bills by sending mail to this address Mail payments to:

Synchrony Bank

PO Box 960061

Orlando, FL 32896 -0061

For Visa/Mastercard Brand Cards

Synchrony Bank

PO Box 960013

Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Call: 1-866-893-7864

For stolen card, call: 1-877-295-2080

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