Staples Advantage – buy workplace supplies via your online account

Have you been buying office and workplace supplies from Staples Advantage? If so, Staples Advantage now has an online platform for your firm to consistently order supplies for all of its office needs. They supply office desks, chairs, tables, papers, printers, ink, and janitors, and so on. Whatever your office need is, just go to Staples Advantage’s website and view their online catalog. They have so many office supplies that you won`t even think of buying anything elsewhere.  You can order any item of your choice through your online account.

Staples Advantage - buy workplace supplies via your online account

To be able to order and manage your orders until they reach your desired location,

it is important to have a Staples Advantage online account.  All you need is a User ID and Password. Once you log into your account, you can make your orders and track each order you make until it reaches your destination. From your account, you can consistently track your order to know its location at every moment until it reaches you. Using Staples Advantage’s online account will make ordering and shipment of your office supplies as easy as possible.  You have nothing to lose by giving it a trial.

However, if your company has a lot of employees whom they give the opportunity to order supplies, they can experience some restrictions on their accounts. The company can give each account holder a spending limit, in this case, they won`t have to spend unnecessarily at all. They will only have to spend what is approved by the company.


there is a feature that permits the adding and removal of users. In a situation that an account has many users from different departments in a company, packages can be sent to many locations. As an online account holder, you can make or create reports concerning your account activity such as your orders and all your total spending. Doing this will help you to track and monitor your company`s spending.  Knowing your spending will help you plan everything properly and save costs.

Do you know that Staples Advantage even has a Mobile App that you can use to make all your orders and as well monitor them until they reach your destination? All you need to do is to go to App Play Store and download the app, create your login details. There are lots of options such as creating and approving orders, creating shopping lists, barcode scanning, and lots more. Instead of traveling long distances to purchase your office supplies, kindly go to the Staples Advantage online portal to make your orders and have them delivered to your office.


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