Staples Associate Connections – How to Login

Are you an employee of Staples? Do you know that you can now access the Staples Associate Connection website? The platform is at From there you will gain access to your company payroll details and all the employee benefits. All you need is a mobile device with an internet connection.Staples Associate Connections

Also, you can always access the website from whatever location you are, it runs 24/7. Navigating through the website is also simple, so you have nothing to worry about. There is nothing like having all your payroll details at your fingertips. You get to see and review all your benefits including 401k, medical/dental plans, vision plan, and life insurance, and so on. You can make changes on your own when there is a need with the consent of your employer.

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How to Login to Staples Associate Connection website

If you are a new employee, carefully go through these details:

  • Go to
  • Supply the User ID and Password that your employee gave to you when you got your employment.
  • From the filter, choose the language you prefer for interpreting the website.
  • In case you happen to forget your login details, click on the Forgot Password or User ID. Supply your user ID to create your password. Make sure to follow all the instructions to reset your login details. You can as well inquire from your employee about your login details. Do not worry, accessing the website is very simple.

There is an ongoing open enrollment for all employees. As an employee, you can use this opportunity to affect the changes you want to make in your account. Such changes may include change of name, marital status, plans, contact or mobile address, and so on. Once you finish the changes, Associates will receive the changes and verify them. In case there is room for correction, they will be made at the Associate Connection web portal.

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Accessing this website is very simple. You can go through your benefits by clicking on them. Your personal information is displayed to you as you log into the website. A simple click takes you to the information you seek.

In conclusion, gaining access to this website allows you to monitor all your employee details as well as payroll information. Now you can know your payment due date, how much to receive, deductions, taxes, insurance, overtime, and so on.

Also, in a situation that you notice an issue you can easily resolve it or take it to the Human Resources Department for help. You cannot find a better way to conveniently manage your employee account and payroll details. If you are a Staples employee, go ahead and register on this website to enjoy all its benefits.

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