Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Review

In Lowe’s advantage credit card review I’ll be talking about the level of interest of people and their experience in the use of Lowe’s credit. Also, I’ll be hinting at you about the benefits of using the credit card.Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Review

The Lowe’s Advantage card has no annual fee which can only be used to purchase at lowes.com and Lowe’s retail stores. However, think of receiving a 5% discount on the purchase or 6 months, 0% APR on purchase of %299 or more. The financial option is advantageous concerning your interest.

The Benefits of   using Lowe’s Advantage credit card

    • It gives card users 5% off on every one of their purchases
    • Card users get to sign up bonus of 10% off on their first Lowe’s advantage credit card purchases
    • There’s no annual card usage bonus
    • The total yearly rewards are about $175.
    • There is no annual fee involved.Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

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Advantages of Lowe’s advantage credit card

  • Instant 5% discount applied automatically at the cash register
  • You are left to choose between a 5% discount and deferred-interest financing.
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  • It does not combine the discount with special financing offers.
  • For every 10% discount requires in-store application approval and purchase.
  • Other protection plans such as shipping plans, fees or taxes, replacement plans, gift cards or certain brands of appliance do not apply the discount.

Features of Lowe’s advantage credit card

  • Average APR
  • Nonexistent perks:

Unlike many other retail cards, Lowe’s Consumer card offers zilch as a way of special benefits. Note that there are no free shipping, extended warranty or return protection. the only extra offer you will get here is the card’s exclusive financing offers.

  • Limited Usability.

Need for the Lowe’s consumer credit card

  • It is an ideal way to stop excessive expenses at lowe’s and turn to a beneficiary of the ongoing discount without having to pay an annual fee.
  • Because of the access to promotional financing for those big home renovation project.
  • It is a strategy for those who want to access the promotional financing for that big home renovation project.
  • You need it to access the 5% rewards from Lowe’s.
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Steps to use Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card

  • As a result of the card’s average APR, switch to deferred-interest financing over the discount knowing that you may spend more than one month to pay off a purchase.
  • Ensure you pay your regular balance in full every month to avoid paying more than the average interest.

Rates and Fees

  • Issuer Name Synchrony Bank
  • Annual Fee$0
  • APR26.99%

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