You must have noticed that it’s rare to come across Pakistani Music and Musicians. Does it mean they don’t exist? Of course, they do. As a matter of fact, they are very talented people but their artists are not well known and that’s why Taazi was developed.

Taazi Set To Revolutionize Pakistani Music With Record-Breaking …

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Taazi.com, Pakistan’s first legal music app broke records last month and surpassed over 100,000 app downloads, making it one of the fastest-growing music …

Taazi.com: Pakistan’s first Digital Music Delivery Service

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Taazi.com in collaboration with Ufone is providing Pakistan’s first web-based platform for emerging and seasoned musicians to showcase their talents and .


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TAAZI SET TO REVOLUTIONIZE PAKISTANI MUSIC WITH RECORD-BREAKING 100K APP … its competition and become the most successful music platform in Pakistan.

This popular Pakistani musician is reviving the music industry …

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Haroon Rashid has seen the glory days of Pakistani music. … The whole point [of building Taazi] was to create a revolution, …

Taazi was solely created to bring Pakistani music and Musicians to the limelight. Their aim is to revolutionize the Pakistani Music Industry. Taazi was founded and launched in August 2015 and is run by the multi-talented producer, director, and musician, Haroon Rashid.


It has quickly surpassed its competition and become the most successful music platform in Pakistan. It has more than 150,000 registered users on both the Taazi Music App and the website.

Taazi.com is the first legal Pakistani Music App. It broke records by surpassing over 100,000 app downloads, making it one of the fastest-growing music websites in Pakistan. Taazi.com is already giving back the power to the artists.

It has quickly gained their trust and confidence, enabling it to distribute and sell their songs to fans legally. With higher traffic, wonderful music, and an aggressive marketing campaign, Taazi.com has quickly become one of the biggest contenders in Pakistan’s music app and website race.

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The Taazi music app gained the prestigious first spot in the trending apps section on Google Play Store. It achieved the second-highest rank among all apps in the ‘Music & Audio’ category and was second only to Soundcloud. The app was ahead of Saavn and Gaana.com. Currently, Taazi ranks among the top 5 applications in this category.

The total number of songs and videos streamed on Taazi has exceeded 5 million in the last month. More than 2,500 artists and dozens of record labels, who vehemently support Taazi as a licensed music platform, have uploaded over 100,000 songs.

Streaming on Taazi is free for users, but they have to pay to download songs. Taazi users are eagerly spending to download songs and are generating sales that tally well into tens of thousands of rupees.

This way, they are supporting the local artist community as well as the overall music industry. Established and upcoming musicians alike have started earning from putting their content on Taazi. This shows that their unique payment method, paying by cellular phone credit, has found significant traction.

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Taazi.com founder Haroon Rashid says, “It is heartening to see that when given the choice, the Pakistani people choose a legal music platform.

They have expressed that they stand in support of our music and musicians and Taazi proudly enables them to do so”. “Taazi is supporting Pakistani artists by marketing their work through social media campaigns and local events as well.”

Taazi.com is made by musicians and musicians. It offers monetization for artists through a unique payment system specially developed by the Taazi team.

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