Everyone is going paperless; companies are working hard to reduce processes that take up much paper. A lot of things can be done online now and that includes ordering of checkbooks. After going through this article, you won’t ever have to visit a bank to order checks again.blank

You can now order checks online through different websites to make a payment. These sites charge a small fee per check that you order. One such website is www.ordermychecks.com, which provides its customers with online checks effortlessly.

This option is a lot safer because getting checks from the bank and carrying them to your home might be risky. However, ordering online checks lets you get your checks safely while sitting in your house. It also saves you a lot of time, while banks take time processing your check application, this online process delivers it to you within 2-3 working days.

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You can also order personal checks which are of different designs and colors. Ordermychecks.com offers many design categories and hundreds of designs and colors. You can either choose check designs from different categories or broad listings like most popular, recycled, patriotic, inspirational, etc.

Personal checks are attractive to look at and are very different than regular boring white paper checks with bank logos. If you are a youngster, who is a fan of some movie or cartoon character, you can even get your favorite cartoon or movie character printed on your check.

So ordering checks online is not some rudimentary process but you will have fun browsing through various designs and choosing one that suits your lifestyle.

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  • To order or reorder an online check, you first have to go to www.ordermychecks.com.
  • The ‘Login’ menu is located left side on the web page.
  • Enter your Routing and Transit Numbers which can be found at the bottom of your check or reorder form. The second thing you have to enter is, of course, your bank account number through which you want to pay.
  • Then, select any of the types of the check (personal or business) you want to order.
  • Finally, click the ‘Login’ option.

Later on, you will have to select the number of checks (usually regarding boxes) you want to purchase, enter the shipping address and discount coupon or promo code if you have any and finally check out.


Ordermycheck.com offers coupon codes to the purchasers upon ordering online checks. Using them during check out gives customers discounts on online checks pricing, thereby letting you buy checks at an even lesser price than your bank.

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For example, you can get 50% off on online checks by using the coupon code ‘SALE’. 50% off on checks prices can also be enjoyed using promo code ‘sale4u’. Additional benefits may include free shipping and handling etc.


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