Best Business Loans for Bad Credit – 2020

Best Business Loans for Bad Credit

Don’t feel bad for bad credit. We can help you make financial decisions with confidence.

Therefore, have in mind that online lenders provide small-business loans for borrowers with bad credit. In as much as borrowers with poor credit scores are considered at higher risk of defaulting on a loan, yet they are offered to finance. Bad credit can be defined as a score of 300 to 692.

But we have a set of lenders that are capable of providing small-business loans for borrowers with bad credit. We will classify them accordingly concerning credit score.

 For 500+ personal credit score

Kabbage, Fundbox, and QuarterSpot provide short-term cash for working capital. Let’s look at their features.

For cabbage

Kabbage provides fast loans for business owners with bad personal credit. But rates can be so high.


  1. Financing up to $250,000 available within a few days.
  2. It supports low credit scores.
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  1. You must have an online checking or PayPal account to verify cash flow.
  2. Their rates are high.


Fundbox offers a business line of credit to support fill-up the cash-flow gap, making it easier to qualify their standard for the lending fund.


  • It supports fast cash availability.
  • Its requirement supports low credit scores.


  • Rates are high compared t traditional banks.


  • Supports a minimum credit score of 500
  • They Support the minimum time in the business of 3 months.
  • Minimum annual revenue of $50,000


QuarterSpot supports short-term business loans with a financing option for borrowers with poor credit but at a high rate.


  • You can access it with a low credit score.
  • You may get the cash available within a day
  • There is no prepayment penalty.


  • It supports high rates of order than other online lenders.
  • It requires a personal guarantee.


  • Supports the minimum credit score of 550
  • Minimum annual revenue for $200,00
  • The minimum time in business is 2 years.
  • Requires you have an average of at least 10 monthly revenue-producing deposits.
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For 600 + personal credit score

BlueVine – Line of Credit

BlueVine’s line of credit offers fast working capital for short-term borrowing needs.


  • It offers options for businesses less than a year old.
  • Cash can be available within 12 to 24 hours.


  • Short repayment term results in higher payment amounts.
  • Requires a personal guarantee.
  • Not available in North Dakota, South Dakota or Vermont.

Report summary of Best Business Loans for Bad credit 2020



Best for

(Credit score)

Min. credit score  



Kabbage – a line of credit


500+ personal credit score




24.00 – 99.00%


Fundbox –Line of credit


500+ personal credit score




10.10 -79.80%


QuarterSpot – Online term loan


500+ personal credit score




30.00- 70.00%


BlueVine – Line of credit


600+ personal credit score





15.00 – 68.00%

Factors to be considered by borrowers

Before you consider borrowing a loan, there are certain things you should consider. Here are there

  • Note that lower credit scores may demand a higher interest rate on your loan.
  • Think of improving your credit. This will expose you to loans of a better rate

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