Small-Business Startup Loans – Not the only way to get your startup going

A money hurdle is always a challenge when you look forward to starting a business. How do you wish to start a business? We’ve got your guide.Small-Business Startup Loans

Many not few have great dreams and ideas of business plan in making a successful business come true but they lack funds to establish them.

In regards to the 2012 review from the small business Administration, they recorded that personal credit cards and personal savings were the major funding source for small-business startups but 19% were sought in the form of capital. Small-business startup loans can be your confidence to start up a business as some can’t bear the risk of putting personal savings to start the business.

Do you know that lenders also have the same thought as you do? They have to worry about giving you a business loan as though many traditional business lenders want to see your business already established before they lend you. But generally, small businesses don’t require a huge sum for a start-up.  This is because 40% of small-business startups need less than $5,000 capital as reviewed by Small Business Administration in 2012.

Platforms of small business startup loans

There are several ways you could establish your business with the aid of lending companies. All you need is to qualify for funding. You can be denied a chance as a result of low/no business credit, low/no cash flow, etc. not every small business can meet up to the qualification standard and as such, many rely on their credit to get funding.

Can you handle the risk of personal loan in the name of your business because it may fail; nevertheless, you are responsible for repaying the loan. The lenders could come after your assets or even damage your credit. Thus, avoid using your credit to help your business get the money it needs. If you may borrow, be cautious of the sum you borrow and as well set out plans on how to repay even if your business was unable to reproduce profit

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Less, we’ve got loan options with possible pros and cons to help you make a better decision. Here are some popular sources of funding for small businesses.  They include small-business Loans, SBA, personal loans, and credit cards.

SBA Loans

This stands for Small Business Administration. It does not just come only from SBA alone. They are also partner lenders, community development organization and microlenders that participate in SBA loans. They are aware that small businesses need loans and they have set out guarantees for the loan to minimize lenders risk as though they are qualification.

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Small businesses can apply for smaller amounts through the administration’s microloan program, which maxes out at $50,000. Thus, this SBA microloan can be used for operating funds, inventory and other startup expenses.


  • You can obtain a loan from an SBA Lender even if other banks turn you down for financing. It is made possible as a result of the SBA loan guarantee.
  • The rates are moderate as you can qualify compared to non-SBA loans.


  • Some SBA loans attach payment penalties.
  • Their loans are attached with strict qualifying requirements.
  • As small as your loan the more you interest.

Credit Cards

Both business and personal credit cards can be of the flexible source to small-business loans. While making huge purchases like equipment, or complete an ongoing operation, use credit cards.

In as much as your business has a credit card, you need to build credit for the company by paying your bill in full and on time. Thus, your credit card is important for you to apply for your first business credit card. You can be limited if your credit score history is poor.

Note: avoid using the card for personal expenses if you have a personal credit card for your business financing.

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  • With good credit, you are qualified for a card with a special promotional offer such as 0% interest on purchase for an introductory period.
  • This could be easier as it is flexible in funding.


  • It supports the credit card limit. Thus it is too low to provide all the funding you need.
  • Low credit card interest rates.

Business Loans

Small business loans are specifically designed to meet business purposes only. They are obtainable from online lenders, traditional banks and certain credit unions.


  • Business loans offer higher loan limits than personal loans, so your company may be able to get more funds for big expenditures if you qualify for a business loan.
  • You can keep business and personal finances separate if you don’t have to guarantee the business loan. But note that depending on your business’s structure, you could still be personally liable for the debt.


  • Your company must have been operating for at least two years to be able to qualify for this business loan.
  • It requires a business plan and financial projections to help prove to lenders that your company is creditworthy.

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