CITIBANK ROUTING NUMBER – transfer funds to another very easily.

A routing number is used to transfer funds from one location to another. It helps businesses to carry out their transactions seamlessly and also enables individuals to transfer funds to their loved ones without hitches. Determining the routing number of your bank can be difficult especially if you’re not used to the whole banking process. Routing numbers differ from one location to another; it is also referred to as Routing Transit Number RTN or ABA Number.

CITIBANK ROUTING NUMBER has made the life of businessmen and people easier. There is a possibility that you live in one state of the country and want to send the money to the other state. Sometimes, you might also want to transfer the funds to another country; in such times, the usage of the routing number helps you in the transfer of the funds from one place to another.

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Find your Citibank routing number. Check this page to find out all about Citibank routing numbers and how they are used.

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The Routing Number 021000089 is valid for Direct deposits, e-transfers, wire transfers, etc. Former EAB customers Routing Number for CitiBank in New York is …

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Citibank NA branches, routing number, swift codes, location, address and contact details.

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In our record, Citibank has a total of 55 routing numbers. Routing Number, Process FedACH, Process Fedwire, Location, Registered Name. 021000089, Y, Y, New …


You need to know the routing number that will help you in the transaction and after acknowledging it; you need to fill your application for the process. The rest of the work will be done by the bank itself. As every bank has a different routing number for a different location, you need to be very particular about it.

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The Citibank routing number is a number that is composed of nine digits in total. With the help of this routing number, you will be able to send the wire to people living in the same country or in a different country. In other words, a routing number also known as the ABA number as well as the RTN number, helps you get done with all the money transferring process in the smoothest way possible.


The best way to know the routing number of your bank is by checking your bank check thoroughly. While observing it, you will see a nine digits long number written on the deposit slip that you get from the bank. Every region has a different routing number for example the branch in the north of California has the routing number of 321171184 while the branch located in the south has the routing number 322271724. Therefore, you need to be specific about which one you should go for in order to complete the wire transaction process.

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The CitiBank routing/ABA numbers are sometimes called transit numbers.

StateRouting or ABA number
Northern California – including San Francisco & Central California321171184
Southern California – including Los Angeles & San Diego322271724
254070116 for incoming wires
Nevada – except Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30 & 56322271724
Nevada – Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30 & 56122401710
322271724 for incoming wires
New Jersey021272655
New York021000089
021001486 for former EAB customers
Virginia & Washington DC254070116