American Express Business Platinum Credit Card – excellent credit cards

Presently, American Express is inviting a lot of people to apply for their American Express Business Platinum Credit Card? In case they just sent you a mail to apply for their card, you can take advantage of it. American Express is a very trustworthy Credit Card lender and they offer very excellent credit cards. You can use the American Express Business Platinum Credit Card to run your business and do all your online transactions including making payments. It takes only a few minutes to apply for the card once you receive the pre-approval offer.

American Express Business Platinum Credit Card - excellent credit cards

To apply for the card

go to the American Express website to complete the application process. Before you start applying, enter the invitation code in the mail you got. This will help you as you will also need to supply your other personal details. Once you make your online application, it takes only a few minutes to get a response concerning your approval. If you get approval for the card, you will receive how much your credit limit will be immediate. After collecting your card, follow the following instructions to register and activate it.  You can as well apply for the card through the mail by using the acceptance letter and sending it to the mailing address on it. However, this process takes a lot of time for you to know if you have gotten approval for the card.

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If you are really interested in this card, check the expiration date on the pre-approval amil you got so as to apply on time. Before applying, carefully review all the details of the card including its terms and conditions.

Features of the American Express Business Platinum Credit Card

  • New cardholders earn 150,000 Membership Reward Points in the first 3 months of their membership. Customers must make purchases worth $15,000 within the first 3 months.
  • Cardholders earn 2 times the membership reward points on travel purchases.
  • Customers earn special rewards when they book flights through In most cases, customers get up to 50% discounts at some of the top travel destinations with Amex travel.
  • Amex Members qualify for a $200 Airline fee Credit that permits them to get up to $200 yearly in statement credit for particular airline fees. Some qualifying fees here include baggage check-in, in-flight services like beverage and food.
  • Members can get complimentary internet access during the in-flight and at Boingo hotspot.
  • The card has $450 as its annual membership fee.
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You have seen the annual fee of this card. If you know that you are not a frequent traveler and cannot use the card to make a lot of business purchases to enjoy the reward points, don`t apply for the card. You may just end up not being able to pay the annual fees.


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