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Morneau Shepell is a human resources service and technology company with professional services on health and benefits, administrative outsourcing, Asset and Risk Management, retirement, and pensions. This company has several headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, the establishment of this company took hold in the year 1996, and now serves over fifteen thousand (15 000) clients in North America. With all their effort, they have also established their company outside North American (Brazil, Australia) and more. Very well known in the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MSI) with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars ($1 000, 000, 000).Morneau Shepell – Morneau Shepell Blog, Services And Careers

Morneau Shepell

It all started with Frank Morneau in 1966 as W.F Morneau and Associates as an actuarial and benefit consulting firm. It took its first expansion in 1987 which happens to be the first U.S Office of the company and then launched the administrative outsourcing practice in1996. Following year, W.F Morneau and Associate merged with Sobeco in 1997 to establish Morneau Sobeco and then was Bill Morneau as the president and chief executive officer. By May 2008 the Morneau Shepell of today sprang off after the acquaintance of Shepell-FGI (largest Canadian employee health management and workplace training and education services) by Morneau Sobeco in the sum of $321.9 million.

Morneau Shepell Website

The Morneau Company has a website as well which causes no limitation to how you can reach their services. However, it can be accessible by anyone who has an interest in reaching the company’s services by staying connected with the official web link The above address should be carefully copied and pasted into the search bar of your internet-connected device for smooth access to the website.

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Morneau Shepell

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Morneau Shepell Services

Like I mentioned earlier, this company has a couple of services they offer and mind you, there can benefit you or offer you a job opportunity. However, their services have become much that they have to group them into categories and shown below:

  • Firstly, lifeworks Well-being
  • Secondly, health & Productivity
  • Thirdly, administrative Solutions
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Communication and Change Management
  • Also, asset & Risk Management
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How to order for services

haven is known the above categories of services of the platform, you should be able to know what exactly you want and now is how you can access them.

  • Navigate to the platform’s official website at
  • Next, Find by the top of the home page or from the menu “Service” tab.
  • Now search and select the service you are interested in.
  • On click it, the next page comes with the instructions and action buttons for require answers. Follow through and get it done.

Moreover, the services are free and won’t demand to pay back.

Morneau Shepell Careers

Just like I mentioned earlier, it can be of a job opportunity for you. There are several career opportunities on this platform and how can you access and get to know of them? Both experienced and otherwise, graduate and otherwise, you can actually find something to hold-on on to Morneau Shepell.

Find out what is meant for you following the below steps:

  • Open your web browser and get started with the following web address com.
  • Click on the “Careers” option at the top of the page or from the menu options.
  • Now you will be taken to the career section of the platform. Study through and find out what you want.
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