Mining Efficiently in Minecraft

The game Minecraft has made mining stands as a useful method that gives you a fast means (though it is quite challenging) in obtaining strong minerals such as iron, Redstone, and diamonds. There are various methods to which you can mine. However, which method suits you? We will detail four successful methods on how to mine quickly and get the best results.Mining Efficiently in Minecraft

  • Cave Mining
  • Branch Mining
  • Staircase Mining
  • Quarry Mining.

Note! These above methods are not just the only way to produce a better result; you can as well try out your own method.

Cave Mining

Cave seems difficult but fruitful. In as much that is quite challenging, you can as well yield from it. You must find a large cave and it should be a large cave to at least, so as to yield a useful resource at your disposal.

Efficiently in Minecraft


They are generally dark and you should figure out how horror that will be. So you get to carry along weapons and light up the cave with touch.

Cave method offers you a chance to get scattered resources without damaging your tools trying to dig through stones. While you mine over a cave, simply lighten the way and skim the walls for minerals that you can use. Often time, ire ore is common. So you have to watch consciously to collect it. But if you can mine deep, you will get a Redstone, gold, and diamond. Be conscious to meet lava because it will end up destroying you and your items, so avoid taking the risk.

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Also, note that you can come across ravine and canyons while mining. But ravines are a great place to find iron and coal. It is usually on the surface and this makes it easier to spot. But because there are not deep, own not to dive deep because you will be left out of no valuable material. Ravine per se provides excellent shelter in as much as a mob cannot spawn on the walls. Lighten the ground with torches.

Branch mining

Branch mining is a way to obtain a lot of stone and minerals but requires you have enough weapons necessary to brave a cavern. The below steps is a complete guide to branch mining.

  1. Dig your way underground.

While digging your way out, ensure you do not dg straight because you might fall into a pit of lava.

Ores in Minecraft are located only on few blocks which means you have to dig so hard until your character’s y-coordinate is 13 or thereabout.

  1. Dig a tunnel.

While making your tunnel, the smallest should that your character can fit into one block wide and two blocks tall. Now lighten up the area with torches in order not to attract unwanted guests.

  1. Construct more tunnels that branch off from the first one.

With additional tunnels that split off from the main route so that you can fetch enough ores over a large area.  Ensure you place the tunnels two blocks apart in order to survey a large surface area and not miss anything.

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According to the Wiki, based on an analysis the most efficient way to mine is to leave at least 6 blocks between tunnels – at which point 1.7% …

Pinwheel branch mining

Pinwheel branch is another form of branch mining. The guide is as follows;

  1. Make a small 4 x 4 area.

Make then space a staircase to get t the top having your chest, bed, and furnace alongside with yours.

  1. Dig a 2 x 2 tunnel in all four directions.
  2. Create tunnels in the “corridors” you created in Step 2.

For maximum efficiency of spacing, then you should make them six spaces apart.

Staircase mining

For the staircase method, you need to dig deeper and quickly in search of caves, find a suitable spot for a branch mine, and build an attractive staircase.

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Ensure you descend only one block at a time, or else you won’t get back up.

Descending a staircase in a mine

Step 1: you need to craft stair blocks to make the staircase’s ascension less taxing. It can be wooden stairs, cobblestone stairs, etc. in addition while your stairs are less taxing; your character becomes less hungry because it does not need to jump too many stairs. Also, you can as well raise the ceiling of your staircase to ensure faster descent and less cramped.

The reason why most players build staircase mine to level 5 or 12 is that most diamond-rich levels. So when they get to that level. They would build a branch.

Quarry Mining

Quarry mining is the simplest type of mining; so, therefore, making one will yield lots of cobblestones. If you don’t want to miss any materials then you have to dig rectangle out of the ground and then another one under it. Not until you have a sizeable hole, you won’t get every possible resource. Construct a staircase or ladder to exit and re-enter the quarry.

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