AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club

AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club gives quality services at very affordable rates. They have comparable rates to AAA. You know that for a family of 4 drivers, many firms charge up to $139 annually while Auto Vantage charges only $69 per year. With AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club, you will be able to save lots of dollars for your family to channel them into other expenses.AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club

AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club

Auto Vantage makes use of the LocateMe technology that uses the biggest carriers in the United States to help track your vehicle from whatever location the car is. With this technology, your vehicle which has broken down gets easily located and you can get help from Auto Vantage immediately.

Many firms work with carriers that take a longer time to discover the exact location of your vehicle. For instance, if your vehicle breaks down where AAA cannot use their service to discover your location, you will be left to give them landmark details for them to get a wrecker to locate you on time and help you out. This is to say that Auto Vantage is more reliable when it comes to locating your vehicle and helping you out when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Also, many other similar Firms to Auto Vantage charge very high amounts. But Auto Vantage covers entire families under a very affordable annual fee. They do this without charging you anything extra when you add another family member to your plan. Other firms charge you additional fees when you add a new family member to your plan. Who will not prefer to pay less and have more family members in his/her plan?

Moreover, when compared to other similar auto firms like AAA, Auto Vantage gives more coverage options. They give 150-mile towing coverage without charging you any additional dime while AAA gives you the first 100 miles for free while you pay additional charges for the subsequent miles you cover. It all depends on where your car breaks down, take advantage of the Auto Vantage Roadside Assistance Coverage club and pay less.

AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club gives discounts to car care, car rentals, and hotels, and lots more. Once you go to their website, you will see many reviews about their services. There is as well a section where you see frequently asked questions in case you have a question you need an answer to.

Having known that AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club offers more quality services at more affordable prices, what are you waiting for to patronize them? Go ahead to enjoy your services and save a lot of money today. You will never regret it.


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