NetZero No-Contract Mobile Broadband Internet

Are you interested in a mobile broadband internet coverage that you will not sign a 2-year contract for? Why not try NetZero? NetZero gives super affordable internet plans for her new customers. Because she is known for not mandating her customers to sign a contract, customers can change, update, and even terminate their contracts whenever they want. This will save customers the risk of incurring unnecessary debts and being forced to get services they do not need. NetZero gives 4G speed services to her customers at very affordable prices.NetZero No-Contract Mobile Broadband

Moreover, customers of NetZero can choose from about 4 different internet plans. These plans are on their website and you can review this at your own convenient time. Each plan is uniquely designed to suit the needs of the individual buying them.

NetZero No-Contract Mobile Broadband Internet

You can choose from any of the plans depending on what you can afford and your internet needs. You can carefully review the plans and their prices below:

  • Platinum Plus. This goes for $79.95 for 12GB.
  • Plus goes for $19.95 for 2GB.
  • Pro goes for $34.95 for 4GB.
  • Platinum goes for $49.95 for 8 GB.

From the 4 different plans above, you can see that NetZero completely considers individuals who need very affordable internet services. They also have in mind people who need only limited data for their works. If you fall within this range of people, you can take advantage to enjoy a no-contract mobile broadband internet today. Knowing that you are free to opt-out whenever you can enable you not to entertain any fear of losing some money if you decide to opt-out when your contract has not expired.

Do you know that based on the plan you choose, you can get up to a 50% discount on mobile broadband equipment? The equipment includes the NetZero 4G stick for laptops, netbooks, and the NetZero hotspot for laptops, netbooks, iPods, tablets, and lots more. However, the 50% discount does not last forever, you can take advantage of it while it lasts. Please go to the NetZero website to know when to discount will end.

Additionally, the NetZero stick is quite simple to install. It is just a plug and play device. The Hotspot can as well connect up to 8 devices that are Wi-Fi enabled. Its battery hour is simply superb – 6 hours on non-stop use. To sign up for the service is very easy, just go to their website and follow instructions to sign up. Within a few minutes, you are done and can start enjoying their services.


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