Canva App – How to Download Canva App – Canva Login | Canva app on Android

Canva App is one of the creative and simple graphic design apps. This allows you to create 90% of your creative imagination ranging from wallpaper design, posters, flyers, business cards, cover book and all types of graphics you can dream of or visualize.

Most photographers prefer this app as a digital Photoshop. Maintain your interest for you to be able to catch up with what the Canva app is all about, how to download Canva and how you will be able to log into your Canva account.

Canva App

This is a mind-blowing app of our time that makes graphics designing easy and compactable for android users to meet up with the average target of those who are in the higher class of graphics design. With the help of the Canva app, you can specialize in the different graphical design category. This app is designed with so many professional tools which you can design with.

More so, it comes with a professional layout and a room in which you can possibly create your own design tools starting from the beginning. Most times people ask so many questions concerning this app. This is why we have decided to throw more light on some most prompt questions. Hang on to the next heading for more info.

Canva App on Android

Over time, people are asking “is Canva available for Android”? Yes! This application has been made available on android devices. However, before now canvas has recorded over 10 million users before it was made available for the android user which triggered their records to about 2 billion active monthly users.

This was exactly launched in 2013 just to help people figure out their skills in graphics design. You can make use of canvas for your photo editing, and lots more. Making use of this app has really opened up the interest of small businesses into moving into the graphics world. You will also appreciate making use of this app “canvas”.

Canvas Login

Are you ready for beautiful graphics on canvas? Then you have to channel your mind towards signing up for the Canva account. Follow the below steps for redirections to sign up for your canvas account. There are various ways at which you can sign up on canvas account.

Using your email

  • Move to
  • Locate login on the website
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Type in your email address.
  • Enter your password.
  • And finally, click on login.

When you are using your Facebook or Google Account.

  • Open the homepage of the site
  • Click on log in button to open the page for your login details.
  • Click on facebook or Google
  • Allow the site to make use of your Facebook account or your google account to sign up an account for you.
  • And finally, you will be signed in for an account via your facebook or google details.

Sign out Of Canva from all Devices

For the purpose of protecting your account, you have to log out your account from any special devices which you have got your account logged in. just in any way try and log out your account from any device that is not personal.

  • Tap on your profile name at the top of the homepage.
  • Select “Account settings” from the menu
  • Beneath the “Billing & Terms” tab, drop down a bit and click on “sign out from all devices”.


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