Microsoft Brings Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch – check it out

How does the idea of reading your mail through a wristwatch sound to you? Cool, right! That’s exactly what Microsoft is bringing to you; Microsoft Brings Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch. You can now access your Outlook Email from your wearable device. As you may know, Outlook is available for iOS and Android. You can access the Outlook apps from email providers such as Gmail,, Office 365, and so on. Microsoft Brings Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch


The Updated Outlook for iOS App/ Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch¬

The updated Outlook for iOS app includes several improved features. Notifications from Outlook on the Apple Watch now display much more than just a couple of sentences. Users still cannot directly reply to a notification. However, they can tap on the Outlook icon to access a dedicated Outlook Apple Watch app, which allows them to see the mail and also reply to the same.

While Microsoft primarily focuses on promoting its own wearable, the Microsoft Band, it has also been equally interested to support the Apple Watch and Android Wear. The company is already offering apps such as OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Skype, and so on for both Apple’s and Google’s smartwatches.

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This strategy is obviously a logical extension of the company’s main aim of expanding the spectrum of its services beyond just the Windows platform.

Incidentally, Microsoft has additionally created a dedicated wearables Website, which lists its Office apps for the Apple Watch and Android Wear as well.

Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch

Hands-on with Outlook for Apple Watch: Microsoft’s app does¬†‚Äļ Software ‚Äļ News

The new¬†app takes brings up¬†an overview over users’ inboxes, along with any upcoming calendar appointments. From here, users can respond to¬†…

How do I get Outlook notifications to show up on my Apple …¬†‚Äļ en-us ‚Äļ office ‚Äļ how-do…

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to Notifications. Make sure that Outlook is listed in the Include section. Tap on Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook on the App Store¬†‚Äļ app ‚Äļ microsoft-outlook

Microsoft Outlook¬†4+. Secure¬†Email¬†… iPad,¬†Apple Watch. Description.¬†Outlook¬†lets you¬†bring¬†all your¬†email¬†accounts and calendars in one convenient spot.

You can now reply to a Microsoft Outlook e-mail on your Apple …¬†‚Äļ Life & Style ‚Äļ Tech

A new update has just been released for the¬†Microsoft Outlook app¬†which allows¬†Apple Watch¬†users to reply to e-mails directly¬†on¬†the¬†…

Features Of The Outlook app for the Apple Watch / Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch¬

  • Firstly, gives users a quick glance at their Outlook Inbox and calendar, by swiping up from the Watch‚Äôs face.
  • Secondly, enables users to view unread email and post replies from within the app. Users can also avail of preset replies, which are already pre-written and ready for use. Voice dictation is another important feature.
  • Thirdly, allows users the ability to customize notifications as per their wish. They can choose to receive notifications immediately, reply to important emails, archive emails or even schedule them to reply at a later time.
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How the Update Benefits the Apple Watch /Outlook Email App to the Apple Watch¬

The updated app is beneficial for the Apple Watch as well. Contrary to company reports, the wearable device is believed to be performing below par in the market. In the given scenario, it will be good for the company to add on to its existing list of apps.